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Bill Cunningham Revives “Muslim” Smear Against Obama While Pretending To Use His Middle Name Out Of Respect

Reported by Ellen - December 20, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes held another discussion last night (12/19/08) about Barack Obama's decision to use his middle name during his inauguration. Not surprisingly, unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity used the “issue” to launch some smearing and hate-mongering against our new President-elect and, of course, liberals. He could not have picked a better guest than Bill “Obama wants to gas the Jews” Cunningham. Cunningham spent two segments using Obama's middle name to suggest he's a Muslim, all the while pretending to do so as a gesture of respect. Hannity gleefully joined in the attacks over Obama's trumped up ties to Blagojevich, added a dollop of Wright and Rezko, and approvingly labeled Cunningham “a Great American.” With video.

Hannity started out by playing the victim. “Conservatives were attacked by the left for the mere mention of (Obama's middle name)... Everybody was intimidated into 'OK, we can't say his name' which was his actual name.”

Hannity asked Cunningham, “Have you been vindicated here and is it now acceptable?” As Cunningham later amply demonstrated, the only way he was interested in using Obama's middle name was as a vehicle for smearing him.

Guest Bob Beckel has the ability to be a great advocate but fell down on the job during much of this interview. He seemed to find Cunningham more amusing than disturbing or offensive. Alan Colmes was better. But neither challenged Cunningham about the deleterious effects his kind of rhetoric provokes.

Colmes said, “We're missing something here which is that when Bill Cunningham, who I'm so thrilled to see (Colmes was being sarcastic; Cunningham has made a point of insulting him), says the name... When you say his name 'Hussein,' When Coulter says 'B. Hussein Obama,' leaving out his first name entirely, the intent is a little different (than Obama's use of his name in the inauguration), isn't it, Bill?”

With a straight face, Cunningham said, “It is not. My intent was to use the three names to show him respect... I wanted to highlight his roots in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he was a Muslim for four years in two schools. So I was showing respect to the Muslim world.”

Cunnngham then burst into an attack on Obama for having “selected” Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko and “Hot Rod Blagojevich to be his political godfather.”

Then Cunningham turned about again. “All great presidents have three names. I thought he might get elected. I gave him respect.”

In Part 2, “respectful” Cunningham repeatedly referred to Obama as “Barry Soetoro” which is the name Obama briefly went by in Indonesia where he took his step-father's last name. It's the name that Obama-bashers use as part of their “proof” that he's a Muslim.

Cunningham went on to repeat his slander that “Hot Rod Blagojevich” was one of Obama's “best political friends.” When Colmes interrupted to say that they're not close, Cunningham said, “Yes, they are. He endorsed him. Endorsed him twice.”

“Respectful” Cunningham added, “(Obama) was a hack in training... but Blagojevich has shown American people the real colors of Barry Soetoro.”

“Respectful” Cunningham also added, “If you voted for Obama, you're probably stupid.”

In his bullyboy sing-song, Hannity commenced his own smearapalooza. “If liberals aren't going to be intellectually honest and say, 'You know what? He's shown incredibly poor judgment. He hangs out with really bad people. These are really shady deals.' How do we ever expect to get honesty, integrity in government if you can't admit he has a pattern of really bad, of selecting really bad friends?”

So speaking of a pattern of bad friends and a need for intellectual honesty, feel free to remind Hannity and FOX News, as I did, that Hannity has a stable of bigoted pals that he has yet to either explain or repudiate. You can email Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com and FOX at yourcomments@foxnews.com.

And, by the way, if poor choice in friends is so important, how come there was no discussion about the fact that the mother of Bristol Palin's (Sarah Palin's daughter) boyfriend, Bristol's mother-in-law to be, the grandmother of her baby, was arrested on six felony drug charges yesterday?