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Is Bill O’Reilly’s Mind A Casualty In The (Bogus) War On Christmas

Reported by Priscilla - December 19, 2008 -

When I saw the title of Bill O’Reilly’s upcoming “Talking Points” (Wednesday, December 17th) – Why Christmas Matters – visions of something spiritually uplifting danced in my head. I thought that perhaps O’Reilly might have finally realized that the Christian concept of Christmas revolves around peace and compassion. I wondered if Bill was going to talk about how, in these tough economic times, we have a responsibility to help others less fortunate. I wondered if Bill would say that in the spirit of Christmas, he was going to try to be more tolerant. But this was not to be as the “Talking Points’ message was a more bizarre than usual paranoid, narcissistic, spiteful, screed which, in its accusatory tone towards the “enemy” is reminiscent of “Mein Kampf.” The title of Hitler’s book is literally “my struggle,” and Bill’s world is one of battle and pugilistic imagery – a dark, Manichean realm of good (represented by Bill and his “sheep”) and evil (represented by “secular progressives” (“SP’s” – don’t you love Billspeak?!) who are out to destroy our culture – something that Hitler was also concerned about.) Nope, no inspiring message from Bill O’Reilly. Christmas is here and the time is right for fighting in the streets – of Fox News.

Bill began by explaining that Christmas was made a federal holiday, by President Grant, as a way to unify a divided nation. (Comment: That’s ironic because 1870 marked the end of Reconstruction and the rise of Jim Crow which lasted a long time.) Bill must be “channeling” President Grant in imputing a motive for the signed legislation because there are no available statements (as far as I can determine) from Grant regarding the holiday. The text of the bill makes no editorial comment. Bill noted that “once again we’re a divided country.” (No you-know-what, Sherlock! You’re promoting and loving it!) Bill then revved things up with proclamations of what the evil “SP’s” are doing (nothing like keeping things divisive, Bill). According to America’s Daddy, "You can see it everywhere. Traditional things like marriage and standard education are under assault by secular progressives. (Comment: I really have a problem with Christian married guys, who sexually harassed their employee, talking about "traditional" marriage. Am I right?) They want a new America, an inclusive America (Comment: what’s wrong with that?), a country that makes few judgments about behavior (Comment: not like Bill) and celebrates secular rather than religious philosophy.” (Comment: Bill yearns for the good old days of the “white, Christian, male, power structure.” It’s no surprise that Bill was educated in a system which imposed guilt and condemnation of all things sexual.)

Bill claimed that with the media “on their side,” the evildoers have made “huge gains.” Doing his typical projection, Bill claimed that “SPs” remain frustrated because religious Americans still far outnumber them, and the religious Americans are standing in the way of a truly secular country. Thus religion itself has to be diminished. And what is the biggest religious display? Well, Christmas, of course. That's why you're seeing all the nonsense.” (Comment: Here’s the thing Bill – if you want to spend your time in church (ha!), that’s fine – just don’t tell me what to do or think- OK?) Bill then got into his fighting mode when he said that “traditional” Americans are “winning the fight” because “SP’s” like the governor of Washington are getting “hammered.” (Comment: was Bill beaten up a lot as a child?). Ever the narcissist, Bill claimed that “we on "The Factor" are doing very well by keeping Gregoire and her cronies in check.” In the spirit of Christmas, Bill is thankful because “we are up against some very bad people” and “we destroy them every night.” Using the royal “we,” Bill claimed that “we win most of the battles on your behalf.” He then engaged in some blatant cognitive dissonance when he said that “we’d love to see America more unified (riiight…) but there’s a struggle on to redefine America and in 2009 it will become more intense.”

Comment: But I heard him exclaim, as he drove out of sight, “F&#k, it we’ll do it live."