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Sean Hannity: Misinformer of 2008

Reported by Ellen - December 18, 2008 -

Could there be a more deserving candidate than Sean Hannity for this award from Media Matters? No, but there were lots of runners up on FOX. And how did the winner receive the news? By acting like a sore loser. Bullyboy Hannity, who nightly promotes and relishes character attacks on others, can't seem to take what he so readily dishes out. Within hours of his coronation, Hannity announced that Media Matters had won the "first-ever Left-Wing Obamamania Media Propaganda Sleaze Award." And all this time, I had felt certain he hated me more!

As Media Matters wrote in bestowing the award:

Fox News' Sean Hannity has been a prolific and influential purveyor of conservative misinformation. But never has he so enthusiastically applied his talents for spreading misinformation as he did to the 2008 presidential race, focusing his energies primarily on President-elect Barack Obama. Day after day, Hannity devoted his two Fox News shows and his three-hour ABC Radio Networks program to "demonizing" the Democratic presidential candidates, starkly explaining in August: "That's my job. ... I led the 'Stop Hillary Express.' By the way, now it's the 'Stop Obama Express.' " Hannity's "Stop Obama Express" promoted and embellished a vast array of misleading attacks and false claims about Obama. Along the way, he uncritically adopted and promoted countless Republican talking points and played host to numerous credibility-challenged smear artists who painted Obama as a dangerous radical. When he was not going after Obama, Hannity attacked members of Obama's family, as well as Sen. Hillary Clinton and other progressives, and denied all the while that he had unfairly attacked anyone.

Hours after the prize had been awarded to him, Hannity took to his radio airwaves and declared Media Matters the "winner" of "our first-ever Left-Wing Obamamania Media Propaganda Sleaze Award." He described it as an award "for the group or the person that does more lying and smearing than your average left-wing Obamamania media supporter."

If Hannity were really interested in truth and fairness in the media, he'd clean up his own record of distortions, smears and falsehoods. Sadly, there is no reason to think they won't continue, perhaps even multiply once Hannity gets his own show in 2009.