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Santa Bill O’Reilly Adds To His Naughty (Enemies) List

Reported by Priscilla - December 18, 2008 -

Christmas is the time of year for endless advertising circulars, Christmas Muzak endlessly played, and Bill O’Reilly’s bogus “war on Christmas” crusade. Yes boys and girls, Santa Bill uses this holiday, which is supposed to be about peace, love, and understanding, to grab his bag of verbal bile and spread Christmas hatred towards those who do not follow his moral imperative – and in so doing, inspire his disciples to feel that rosy glow of Christmas hatred to those whom Bill deems anathema. Monday night’s (December 15th) Factor “Reality Check” was a great example of Bill’s inspirational thoughts which so exemplify, in Bill’s twisted mind, the real reason for the season. Like Santa, Bill does have a list; a great big enemies list for those who are naughty; and in this season of supposed joy and love, Bill is adding to his list and checking it (I’m not kidding) in order to spread his Christmas “cheer.”

***The video of the segment is available on the Bill O'Reilly site under "Reality Check." I recommend watching it with the sound off as the facial expressions and hand gestures are priceless!!!!

O’Reilly described his “Reality Check” as a feature that “keeps an eye” on those “not doing the right thing” as defined by Bill. (Comment: Bill does seem to like to “watch” and I don’t mean religious videos) The segment visual even began with a check mark! Bill began with a smear on the editor of the Washington Post Intelligencer whom Bill described as “one of the most liberal” editors in the galaxy (and Bill knows that how?) who “personally attacks almost every person with whom he disagrees with and that is just about every traditional conservative person in the world." (Comment: Ohmagawd – the irony, the irony!!!! Pot meet Kettle!!!!!) I wonder what the Baby Jesus would think about Bill saying that the editor of Pullitzer Prize winning Washington Post Intelligencer, Roger Oglesby, “upholds no standards of fairness and is a far left zealot.” (Comment: And Peabody Award “winner” Bill O’Reilly upholds standards and isn’t a far right zealot? Hahahahaha!). It seems Bill thinks that this paper “attacked” him. Obviously Bill’s “standards” don’t include referencing the attack which seems to consist (the only article I found) of a great piece, by Joel Connelly, that challenges “bullyboy Bill-o” and his fellow demagogues to come to the state where tolerant people are worshipping and doing wonderful works of Christmas mercy. The funny thing is that up until this article, O’Reilly thought that the Seattle PI was “fair” and that the Seattle Times was anathema because some article, according to Bill, referred to his followers as “sheep.” (Comment: And ain’t that the truth.) Bill reminded his sheep that Oglesby was “the guy who wouldn’t help the FBI” when it refused to release photos of “suspicious” dark skinned men aboard a Washington Ferry. (Comment: the paper didn’t release the photos because of privacy and civil liberties concerns – not O’Reilly’s priorities.). O’Reilly added the Charlotte News Observer to his naughty list because they dared to refer to his Christmas Crusade as “bogus.” (Comment: ain’t that the truth.)

Also getting a check from Bill was Sean Penn. O’Reilly must have had a rainbow colored conversion because he mentioned how the gay paper, The Advocate, is critical of gay right’s supporting and Harvey Milk portraying Penn because Penn supports Hugo Chavez who does not support gay rights. (Comment: Chavez’s negative views of gays probably stems from the same kind of religious “machismo” that O’Reilly exhibits. But I do hope that Bill reads The Advocates’ cover story about Barney Frank in which Bill is described as “unhinged.” The Advocate doesn’t have good things to say about Republican icons either in their “sissy of the year” awards!)

Bill rounded out the segment by “checking” Saturday Night Live for its satiric news commentary done by Amy Poehler: “Prosecutors say Tuesday that that Barack Obama isn’t isn’t involved in the the Blagojevich scandal or as Fox News reports, is Obama involved in the Blogojevich scandal?” Bill claimed “at least we reported the story some other media did not.” (Comment: and which media is that, Bill-o? All the major media outlets are doing extensive reporting on it. Oh right, you’re spending all your time in church, meditating on the Advent season, so I guess you’re not reading the papers!)

Comment: Santa Claus has checked his list and decided it’s coal – and no “marital” “toys” under Bill’s Christmas Tree! Bill-O continues to be naughty. Somewhere the Baby Jesus is crying!!!!!