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While Concealing His Own Role In Blocking Obama Nominee, Rove Attacks Him For Lack Of Transparency While Hannity Baselessly Suggests Rezko Connection Between Obama And Blagojevich

Reported by Ellen - December 16, 2008 -

It was another night of smearing and jeering Barack Obama on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/15/08) during another avalanche of discussions designed to raise suspicions about Obama's connections to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich without providing any substantiation. Karl Rove was presented as an uninvolved analyst and without revealing that he is reportedly leading a Republican effort to block Obama's nominee for Attorney General. That did not stop Rove from hypocritically accusing Obama of not being transparent and above board enough. Sean Hannity groundlessly suggested that because both Obama and Blagojevich had a connection with convicted businessman Tony Rezko, that Obama's contacts with Blagojevich were suspect, too. With video.

The discussion, along with many others in the show, was rife with half-truths and unfounded innuendo. It began with Hannity's gleeful announcement that more than a third disapprove of Obama's handling of the Blagojevich scandal. To put it another way, more than half (51%) approve and another 16% have no opinion.

Hannity falsely added, “More than half say that they think team Obama is involved in the scandal.”

Actually, it's less than half (45%), assuming he was referring to the latest Rasmussen poll. The Rasmussen results show that even more (46%) don't think either Obama or a close aide was involved. Also, the poll does not say what “involved” means. Does it mean complicit (as Hannity obviously was suggesting) or that someone might be a witness or a whistle-blower? Or had some innocent conversations? The question does not make it clear. It's reasonable to surmise that different respondents had differing interpretations.

The only guest for the double segment was Karl Rove. It has been reported that Rove will “help lead” the Republican fight against Obama's nomination of Eric Holder for Attorney General. If so, Rove has an obvious stake in tarnishing Obama's public image. “We report. You decide” FOX News somehow did not find that worth disclosing.

But that didn't stop Rove from complaining about Obama's lack of transparency. “I do think he's got a problem with the transparency and the openness and the candor on this,” Rove said. Then he disingenuously added, “I don't want to make more of it than it is. It is troubling. It's a problem he could have avoided. It's not going to damage his numbers enormously between now and the time that he comes in but this is time that'd be better spent talking about things other than whether or not somebody on his staff, somebody close to him, talked to somebody close to Governor Blagojevich about who might or might not be an acceptable member of the United States Senate to replace him.”

In fact, Obama had stated earlier that day that an internal review had revealed that nobody on his staff had inappropriate contact with Blagojevich. Obama also said that he had been prepared to release the report but had been asked not to by the federal prosecutors.

But that wasn't enough smearing for Hannity. Unrepentant bigot Hannity, who has yet to explain his former relationship with a Neo-Nazi or apologize for offering a sympathetic platform to a known anti-Semite went on to suggest that somehow Obama was guilty because both he and Blagojevich have had a relationship with convicted Chicago businessman Tony Rezko. “We know that Tony Rezko, who the Obamas had this unsavory business deal with – that that's probably gonna come back up into play because we know that Tony Rezko is probably – he's mentioned 170 times in this complaint. He's a big issue. What else has he told the prosecutors? Do you think he's got a Rezko problem?” Hannity prompted more than asked.

Rove replied, “Well, I've always thought he has a difficulty explaining the relationship with Rezko... It was eye-catching to me that they stiff-armed the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times for months and months and months over what the relationship was really all about until the day that the Rev. Wright scandal broke... That was the day they called 'em up and said, 'Come on in this afternoon. You get one interview and we'll dump it all out.' And of course what we read on that Saturday morning was that the relationship with Rezko was deeper, bigger, more important financially, more remunerative to the campaign than we ever thought was possible. So I do think there is a problem with Rezko.”

A quick Google search showed that Obama gave a detailed explanation of his dealings with Rezko to the Chicago Sun-Times in 2006, two years before Rev. Wright became a household name.

Again, Rove took a disingenuous stab at neutrality. “I don't want to get ahead of it because the country is tired of scandals and the country is tired of being told one thing and done another,” he said.

Despite “not wanting to get ahead of it,” Rove reiterated to Alan Colmes, “What (Obama) should have done is put himself in a place where nobody would have had to pop up from the US Attorney's office and say anything to him. He should have right from the beginning been more forthcoming... Alan, these things tend to be corrosive over time... He should have handled this earlier. It will show up in his numbers... (They) will be lower than they should have been otherwise because some people will say, 'You know what? Why didn't he shoot straight with me?'"

Not surprisingly, there was no discussion on the show about a report that Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman used $75,000 of illicit funds for a home renovation project.

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