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Culture Warrior Jason Mattera Concerned About Young Conservatives Being Denied Free Speech? Oh, Puleeeze. Cry Me A River!

Reported by Priscilla - December 16, 2008 -

You remember Jason Mattera, uber Christian Culture Clown ( who is just sooo not gay) and who, rather than sign up to serve in Iraq (and he would look so fabulous in desert khaki) told Chris Matthews that his God given purpose in life is to stay stateside and fight the culture war! Jason first stepped into the public arena with an attempt to start a “whites only” scholarship as a “parody” of affirmative action. (Comment: never mind that Mattera received a $5,000 award from the Hispanic college fund!). Last year, Mattera appeared on “Fox&Friends” to talk about how today’s young generation are getting more conservative and "pro-life." As evidenced by Barack Obama’s recent victory which supports a recent Pew Poll that shows young people as diverse, secular, and liberal, the young culture crusader couldn’t have been more wrong. Thus, I had to do a ROFL when I heard last night’s (December 15th) “Grapevine” which cited a list of “Politically Correct Abuses of 2008.” This list was compiled by Jason Mattera’s Young America’s Foundation which sponsors icons of tolerance like David Horowitz and Ann Coulter. Judging from Mattera’s past practice, he is no icon of free speech; but when it comes to “family values,” who cares about hypocrisy when you have propaganda to preach.

The list, accompanied by the chyron “too PC,” was just more conservative whining about how mistreated they are. The top offender was Yuba College which “which banned a student from handing out gospel literature or face possible expulsion.” (Comment: the student, Ryan Dozier, is being represented by the rightwing Christian Alliance Defense Fund which claims that the student was “briefly sharing a Christian message” which the school claimed was “assembling without a permit.”) BTW, do check out the photos of the “gospel group” which has been allowed to return to Yuba. It appears that because of the lawsuit, “Brother Ryan is now being allowed to preach.” The second offense was Minnesota’s (get it, liberal Minnesota, home of Al Franken.) St. Thomas University’s banning of a “pro-life” (really “anti-choice’) speaker; but “hosted a transgendered activist who believes God is a black lesbian.” (Comment: Oh pass me the smelling salts I’m getting weak – you mean God isn’t a bearded white dude!!!!) Not noted by “Grapevine,” was the inconvenient truth that Star Parker was finally allowed to speak. Also on the list was an Illinois high school which required students to read “Angels in
America – a Gay Fantasia on National Themes.” (Comment: Oh, how shocking!!! Students should be reading the bible and uplifting stories about abstinence rather than be exposed to Tony Kushner’s award winning play, opera, and tv miniseries about the devastation of the AIDS epidemic!)

Just to remind the Fox non illuminati about other issues in the culture war, other PC (and very popular whines in the rightwing vineyard.) “violations” were mentioned: the California (get it, liberal California) school that banned students from dressing up as Indians and pilgrims “to avoid racial stereotypes,” (Comment: let’s bring back the Minstrel Show), a Florida University that tried to “do away with Christmas activities,” (Comment: not noted by Hume was that Christmas was saved.), and Columbia (get it, liberal academia) University “for its handling of a student election on the question of returning the Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps to campus.” (Comment: Students voted on whether to continue the ban. That motion prevailed. Should be end of story except for the righteous whiners who are whining about the timing of the vote.)

Comment: There is some irony in all these sour grapes as free speech Jason Mattera banned a Campus Progress reporter from a Young American culture club conference. (See Mattera’s homophobic “joke (?)” at the end of the article.) “Fair and balanced” isn’t a mantra for Mattera’s group which welcomed conservative publications like National Review and Human Events. Rather than fret about inanity as cited above, perhaps the “young Americans” should be upset about the Bush administration’s spying on anti-war Quakers and nuns and the Bush administration’s last minute attempts to curtail reproductive freedom. Nah- there’s a culture war to fight and Fox is there at the barricades!