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Bill O'Reilly Says That "Anyone Who Sings Christmas Songs Is Patriotic" - Huh?

Reported by Priscilla - December 15, 2008 -

In reviewing last Friday's (December 12th) Bill O'Reilly "Pinheads and Patriots" segment from his "Talking Points," I came across this truly, truly bizarre comment which truly, truly makes no - I repeat - no sense. Bill played an amusing video of Ellen DeGeneres (a vehement opponent of Prop 8) and Brittany Spears trying to harmonize on "Silent Night." Bill responded with (I guess) this "humorous" comment: "We believe anyone who sings Christmas songs is patriotic, but they are challenging that." "Anyone who sings Christmas songs is patriotic?" Excuse me? Helooo?? What does that mean? Is it me or is Bill getting more delusional by the day? Anyway.....

P.S. The NY City Gay Men's Chorus just launched its 29th season with a "Holiday Spectacular" in which they sang Christmas songs. I'm glad to know that Bill thinks that are "patriotic." Wait a minute - it was titled "Holiday" Spectular - no patriotic creds for that blasphemy!