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Merry Christmas Is Fox News Newspeak

Reported by Priscilla - December 14, 2008 -

In George Orwell’s 1984, the language spoken was “newspeak” – an alternative way of speaking that proscribed language that was acceptable to the totalitarian system and which categorized non acceptable speech as “crimespeak.” Fox News has developed its own language which we could consider “Foxspeak” which includes “homicide bombing” and “Merry Christmas” as the only way to express seasons greetings (whoops is that “crimespeak?”). In Foxworld, those who don’t say “Merry Christmas” (even if you’re Jewish, there’s no exemption) are scorned and reviled. Despite the “peace on earth” message of Christian Christmas, Fox is determined to stir up hatred of those who are different – those who want to follow Christ’s message of inclusivity and tolerance. Thus, in twisting the real meaning of Christmas, the Fox Christmas is a truly bizarro world experience. But Fox is America’s Christian network and they’re mounting a crusade. As we have learned from past crusades, all kinds of hatred can be justified if “God is on your side.” This week Fox&Friends reinforced the message that you’d better say “Merry Christmas” or you’ll be on the Santa Fox naughty list. What would Jesus think? Fox&Friends has the answer.

Amended: Watch the Fox Friends make fools of themselves at a HOLIDAY PARTY. Learn HOLIDAY PARTY etiquette. HT to poster Perplexed.

On Wednesday’s Fox&Friends (December 10th) the gang interviewed two Ohio women who raised money to erect large highway billboards that say: “It’s OK to say Merry Christmas – Jesus” and “I miss hearing you say Merry Christmas, - Jesus.” The ladies were tired of hearing “happy holidays” and decided to raise money to get their message to as many people as possible. Enough people contributed so that these messages were put up along a highway in Niles, Ohio. Gretchen said that “what you’re saying is that because we’re so “PC” correct that those of us who are Christian and who want to hear Merry Christmas – that Jesus would want us to say it.” The ladies, Linda Bennett and Joan Brown (decked out in their best Christmas sweaters with Merry Christmas bling) said that they felt that Jesus wants to be honored by our saying Merry Christmas. The ladies are taking contributions and the lil buddies posted the address for Fox Christmas warriors to donate.

This morning, on the Weekend Fox&Friends, the second stringers interviewed the ladies who were introduced as the ladies “who want to keep Christ in Christmas." (Comment: Yeah, Jesus Christ would be so pleased about mobs, who trample store help, in search of Christmas bargains, saying Merry Christmas. And I’m sure he doesn’t care about stores that are overcharging their customers for Chinese made crap – as long as the store help says Merry Christmas!) The chyron read “motorists reminded of holiday meaning.” Once again, the address for contributions was posted. Here's a thought - can you imagine the indignation of Fox News if a group of atheists put up signs saying that Christianity is bunk!

Comment: I need to vent. Please allow me a “Lewis Black” moment. THE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS IS NOT ABOUT SAYING BLEEPING MERRY CHRISTMAS. There I feel better now. I know that these ladies are well intentioned; but this is so stupid. Jesus was a Jew who preached to Jews. He didn’t express any desire for anyone to honor him – that came later. There is nothing about honoring Christmas in the New Testament – that came later when Roman Christians decided to honor the birth of Christ on the pagan feast of Saturnalia (celebrate good times..). Instead of pushing for enforced Foxspeak and billboards, shouldn't the Christians at Fox be promoting charities that, in thinking of Mary and Joseph’s predicament, help the homeless or whatever – as long as it’s helping others. Nah, for Fox it’s all about getting folks all riled up in a “culture war.”

“Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men” – except at Fox News where there is only ill will to those who don’t speak Foxspeak!