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“Grapevine” Rallies Round The Flag

Reported by Priscilla - December 12, 2008 -

The American flag is important to Fox News. When Barack Obama didn’t wear his flag pin, he was taken to task by “patriotic” Fox News – despite the fact that Fox’s Chris Wallace and Bill Kristol don’t wear them. Even (how shocking) Sean Hannity has been spotted without one. So it came as no surprise that last night’s (December 11th) “Grapevine” highlighted a case of “old glory, new problem.”

It seems that Ralph Silvestro, a Philadelphia Criminal Justice Center legal clerk, “never imagined the miniature American flag taped to his computer would become a problem.” (The flag, isn’t “miniature.”) He was told, by his boss, that the flag “is inappropriate” for the workplace and must be removed. Ralph, a twelve year naval reserve veteran, is not happy about this as “he could have died for that flag.” An ACLU attorney said that as long as the boss applies the same rules to everyone it isn’t a violation of free expression. The lawyers, who work in the courthouse, are sympathetic with Silvestro (not mentioned by Hume.)

Comment: I am in agreement with Mr. Silvestro that this is ridiculous - especially given that he works in a government office. But what is interesting is how “Grapevine”picked up on this flag issue and never said a word about a rainbow flag which was destroyed by vandals, outside a Unitarian church in Quincy Massachusetts, in October. But in the Fox “vineyard,” it’s “different strokes for different folks” – especially if the “folks” aren’t part of the Fox “heartland.”