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Bill OReilly Preaches “Traditional” Morality On Fox TV– Fox Website Has “Sexpert!”

Reported by Priscilla - December 12, 2008 -

Webster defines “dichotomy” as “a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups.” As such, there would appear to be a dichotomy between what is preached on America’s “family values” network and the Fox News website. Cognitive dissonance deals with contradictory feelings. As such, while Bill, Sean, and the little pals warn us about moral degradation, the Fox website has an article which shows just a wee bit of the cognitive dissonance in Fox Media: “FOXSexpert: 9 Ways to Keep the Passion in Your Sex Life.” Taking a cue from Bill O’Reilly, the “sexpert” (Dr. Kristen Fullbright – who has authored a book on “orgasmic hot spots”) recommends a retailer that “sells very feminine, sexy items like collars, whips and tassels that may encourage her to take charge in bed.” On second thought, Bill doesn’t like women being in charge. But wait, she also recommends “exploring third-party action” with a sex toy. Now that’s more up Bill’s alley. It’s strange. Now this is all fine and dandy; although judging from other articles and Fox News TV commentary, you shouldn’t go to Planned Parenthood; and if, after playtime, you get pregnant – well, just grin and bear it. Anyway, Fox sure has something for everyone!!!!!