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Bill O’Reilly’s “Culture War” – Real Journalism Or Self Titillation?

Reported by Priscilla - December 11, 2008 -

Bill O’Reilly's obsession about sin and degradation, on the part of the “far left,” really makes me wonder if this is something that he is sincerely morally outraged about – or if he is engaging in – ah – lurid fantasy. On Monday night (December 8th) America’s Daddy continued his histrionics about how the “Obama enabled” far left will bring about the demise of American civilization. Flanked by his blonde, “Aryan,” wing women, he proceeded to rant about how Dutch tolerance has brought absolute anarchy to that country. His conservative back up chorus - Margaret Hoover (who smiles demurely while Bill lectures her in a firm, but fatherly, manner) and Monica Crowley (what’s up with that permanent sneer) agreed. Monica’s last claim to fame was when she asserted that Obama was a Muslim and made disparaging remarks about his ethnicity. Hoover (President Hoover’s great-grand-daughter) is relatively new to Fox News and frequently appears on Bill’s show where I last saw her in a shiny blue St. Pauli girl blouse. But once again, O’Reilly’s focus was on the prurient and again – “methinks he doth protest too much.”

Hoover said that Dutch tolerance hasn’t worked out well because the Dutch “have some wonderfully naive ideas about teaching their children to have safe sex and smoke grass.” (Comment: So we shouldn’t teach our children about safe sex?) She claimed that Amsterdam is “a mess.” As O’Reilly smiled benevolently upon her she claimed that “all the criminals and drug addicts” have “exploited that opening in Amsterdam” and as such it is “out of control,” and “amok.” O’Reilly made the dubious claim that tourists no longer go to Amsterdam because of this sin and degradation. (Comment: right, Bill, just like the damage that your boycott did to the French economy per the Paris Business Review.) Bill whined, while Crowley agreed, that the “left” just doesn’t understand that tolerance breed criminality. Crowley said that she recently talked to an Albanian cab driver, whom she claimed was a “legal” immigrant (Comment: how did she know?), who is fearful that America is “inching” back to the socialism he fled from. (Comment: wait a minute, Albania is a repressive place – that’s the kind of world Crowley’s crew want.)

O’Reilly then claimed that the governor of Washington said “Yes, go ahead, mock and demean Christianity, religion, the baby Jesus, whatever” and that “under the auspices of free speech, “you’re losing control of the traditions of America.” (Comment: Oh, that pesky legal system which involves itself in civil rights issues). Bill said that the left, with the media “behind them,” is getting more aggressive due to the election of Barack Obama. Hoover disagreed, saying that as Bill has taught us, the left has always been this way and she doesn’t see any change. Crowley fulminated that “there has been an acceleration” as evidenced by gay marriage. She claimed that the new “far left congress’ will seek to establish their agenda and while the liberal press ignores this disturbing trend, “we condemn it.” She said, in true O’Reilly fashion, that there is a “chipping away of traditional values.”

Comment: throughout the discussion, Bill played a video of the ladies of the night in Amsterdam’s red light district. The “clean up” that he referred to is cutting the number of brothels and pot shops in half. Rather than screaming headlines about this Dutch “disaster" and the demise of Dutch civilization, all I could find was one article in a British paper. But I do think that Bill would prefer that we go back to the 50’s when sex, because of it’s forbidden and secretive nature was, for the “family values” crowd, much more fun. Oh, and despite the tolerance (or maybe because of it), pretty, cultured, and efficient Holland is 29th in world life expectancy and the U.S. is 46th! Simmer down, Bill, you might live longer!