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Hannity So Eager To Tie Obama To Blagojevich, He Ignored Information Clarifying Supposed “Contradiction” In Obama Statements

Reported by Ellen - December 10, 2008 -

Predictably, Sean Hannity was positively giddy with bullyboy glee last night (12/9/08) over what he perceived as an opportunity to link Barack Obama to the Rod Blagojevich indictment. Never mind that Hannity & Colmes guests Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee each indicated otherwise. Hannity seized upon a supposed contradiction in statements by Obama and his spokesman, David Axelrod, and didn't bother to hide his enthusiasm as he said, “That needs to be looked into, doesn't it?” If Hannity had bothered to look into it, himself, he would have discovered that an Obama aide said that Axelrod had misspoken and that Axelrod, himself, had said the same thing. With video.

In one of many discussions about Blagojevich (and Obama), Hannity showed video of Obama-advisor Axelrod saying that Obama had discussed with Blagojevich his future appointment of Obama's replacement in the Senate. Immediately after that, Hannity played video of Obama saying, “I had no contact with the governor or his office.”

Hannity crowed, “That needs to be looked into, doesn't it?” But as Think Progress and other news outlets (other than FOX News, though Juan Williams did bring it up during one of H&C's panel discussions) have reported, both Axelrod and Change to Win have issued statements saying that Axelrod misspoke.

Like Rove before him, Huckabee was not at all impressed with the supposedly damning evidence. He thought Obama was likely preoccupied with issues of governance and that he would not be “stupid enough” to engage about something so blatantly corrupt as Blagojevich's extortion over Obama's open senate seat.

Nevertheless, Hannity was not to be dissuaded. In a more upbeat tone than I've heard from him in weeks, Hannity said, “There's a lot of unanswered questions in all of this, in my mind.” And it's probably safe to say that every one of them will be rehashed ad nauseum for FOX News viewers in the days to come.

Then Hannity moved in for what he surely thought was his moment to finally nail Obama.

“Why is he friends with all these radical, corrupt people? What does that say about him?” Hannity asked.

Nothing more than Hannity's unrepented associations with a load of bigots and a Neo-Nazi.

“You know, it's interesting,” Hannity continued. Everything we heard in the Gennifer Flowers tapes came true. I wonder if we're beginning to see, perhaps, a lot of what we suspected about Barack Obama. I think the Tony Rezko issue is going to be a big problem for him, especially because he's all over this document.”

Hannity added, “The word 'president-elect' is mentioned 44 times in the (indictment). Pretty troubling.”

He couldn't have sounded happier.

As Melanie noted, all this Blagojevich coverage makes quite a glaring contrast with FOX News' lack of coverage of the Jack Abramoff and Ted Stevens cases.