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Bill O’Reilly’s “War On Christmas” Based On Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy?

Reported by Priscilla - December 10, 2008 -

I always suspected that Bill’s (and John Gibson’s) “War on Christmas” had a dark and anti-Semitic side as it seemed to target those who sought to make the (dare I say) holiday inclusive for those whose traditions do not incorporate the words “Merry Christmas.” Obviously, Jews do not celebrate Christmas and thus the term “Happy Holidays” is more appropriate. But beyond that, the term “holidays,” while not specifically mentioning Christmas, is a way to wish folks all the best in the (dare I say) holiday season – which includes Hanukkah, the beautiful Jewish festival of lights which according to O’Reilly “logic” isn’t as important as “Christmas” because it isn’t a state or national holiday. Yes, one can imagine Bill walking into a kosher restaurant and demanding that the staff wish him a Merry Christmas or he’ll bleeping beat it out of them. Good ole Bill mourns the demise of the “white, male, Christian power structure (guess in Billworld there are no Jews in government) while braying about attacks on Christmas and Christians. It’s beginning to sound a lot like a rather nasty political movement which had its origins in the same kind of paranoid scapegoating. So, it was with great interest that I read Max Blumenthal’s article which traced the “war on Christmas” to a rather nasty white nationalist.

Max Blumental writes a fascinating article in Tina Brown’s fabulous blog, “The Daily Beast,” about how “'The War on Christmas' started in a white nationalist cabal and spread to conservative media.” He mentions how the “war on Christmas” is seen, by conservatives, as another example of American moral decline and provides this O’Reilly gem: “If you can get religion out, "then you can pass secular progressive programs, like legalization of narcotics, euthanasia, abortion at will, gay marriage.” Blumenthal cites Wall Street Journal writer and uber Christian Daniel Henninger who claims that America’s economic decline is due to it’s not saying “Merry Christmas.” But the most interesting part of the article is the history of the “war on Christmas” which seems to have been started by writer Peter Brimelow (whose philosophy is eerily similar to Bill ) who wrote in his anti-immigrant book, "Alien Nation," that “weird aliens with dubious habits” were causing the demise of America's white, Christian, “ethnic core." According to Brimelow, The War on Christmas was part of a multicultural “struggle to abolish America.” In 1997, Brimelow approached the then editor of the National Review, John O'Sullivan, about staging an annual competition for the worst offenders against Christmas. Shortly after, O'Sullivan was replaced, as editor of the magazine, by Rich Lowry and the competition was shelved. O'Sullivan, in 2001, wrote a National Review article blaming religious minorities for the "war on Christmas." Brimelow went on to found the white nationalist website VDare which, according the SPLC, is a “hate group.” VDare then became a platform for writers to blame the “war on Christmas” on the Jews with one writer, Tom Piatak, arguing that teaching about Hanukkah “inculcates negative lessons about Christianity, not positive ones about Judaism.” Steven Sailer wrote that Jews are “de-assimiliating” and are resentful of those who celebrate Christmas.

Comment: The game was set and the right wing ran with the ball. The rest is history. It does bring new meaning to “White Christmas."