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Why Does FOX News Contributor Tantaros Hate America?

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2008 -

FOX News contributor Andrea Tantaros, a conspiracy theorist who thinks the vice president is in charge of the Senate, proved yet again the lie that FOX News likes America. During a two-part discussion on last night's (12/8/08) Hannity & Colmes, Tantaros repeatedly denigrated the majority of Americans who vote Democratic. When Alan Colmes suggested that Republicans need to offer more to voters than attacks on Democrats, Tantaros snapped, “We're never gonna stop talking about how bad your party is, Alan, 'cause it's true.” With video.

Tantaros first appeared in one of the many discussions on FOX News last night about William Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Tantaros' segment was about whether or not an anti-Obama ad about Rev. Wright might have changed the outcome of the election had McCain chosen to run it.

Colmes asked, “Andrea, doesn't the Republican party need to define itself, have a vision for where it wants to take the country and not keep talking about how bad the Democrats are or this guilty by association game? Unless the Republicans do that, they're not offering anything to America.”

“Well, we're never gonna stop talking about how bad your party is, Alan, 'cause it's true,” Tantaros answered.

She went on to say, “The problem was, that when the stock market was crashing, people didn't care about Rev. Wright.”

News flash for Tantaros: They still don't.

Then, after Tantaros admitted that McCain should have spent more time focusing on the economy, Hannity broke in. Tantaros, however, thought she was so impressive that she boastfully took another dig at Colmes: “Ha! You're speechless, aren't you. Aren't you speechless, Alan?”

Unfortunately for her, he wasn't. “No... Sean's up, that's why,” Colmes explained.

“Patriotic” Tantaros took another shrewish swipe at her countrymen in Part 2.

As she was complaining about the automobile rescue plan, Colmes asked if Tantaros thought the manufacturers should just go out of business.

Tantaros, arguing that the loan package would not get the manufacturers past March, asked, “What are you going to do, Alan, in March?”

“Would you want them to go out of business?” Colmes repeated.

Ever condescending, Tantaros said, “Why don't you answer MY question?”

“Because I'm the host,” Colmes said.

Then, Tantaros launched into another ad hominem attack. She called it “just a bunch of bunk” that bankruptcy would be catastrophic for the Detroit 3 and added gratuitously, “Democrats just want to control everything, Alan. You do not trust the American people to make their own decisions.”

Seems to me that the one who doesn't trust the American people is Tantaros.

You can write to FOX News at yourcomments@foxnews.com and ask them why a network that claims to like America would hire someone who obviously hates it.