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Van Susteren's Double Standard Of Tolerance For Hate

Reported by Ellen - December 9, 2008 -

“Liberal” Greta Van Susteren opened her show last night (12/8/08) with a lengthy clip of a recent sermon by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, followed by a critical discussion of him which piggy backed on to a critical discussion about – you guessed it – William Ayers. No guest sympathetic to either subject appeared nor was there much of an attempt to explore what point either of them was making, other than for the sake of quickly debunking it. Van Susteren repeatedly criticized Wright for “spewing hate.” Funny how she never seemed to mind the hatred spewed at McCain-Palin rallies. With video.

In Wright's clip (a shorter version of which was also played on Hannity & Colmes), he attacks FOX News, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity, among others. FOX News spent weeks, if not months disparaging Wright but now that he's striking back, they're up in arms. Bullyboy Sean Hannity repeatedly whined about Wright attacking "l'il ole me.

Van Susteren wasted no time launching her own attacks and smears. “I didn't hear the part where (Wright) talked about how he spews hate which is the reason all those news organizations went after him. Did I just miss that part? ...He's so full of hate and now he's playing the big victim. (He says), 'Oh, woe is me, this rotten media, because they don't like my hate. They don't like the fact that I'm just plain out nasty.'”

And I didn't hear the part where Van Susteren talked about McCain-Palin supporters spewing hate at their rallies. She never mentioned it during any of her many gushing interviews with Sarah Palin. In fact, I never heard it mentioned at all on any of Susteren's shows. Did I just miss it?