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Cavuto Pulls Out All the Stops to Highlight Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich

Reported by Melanie - December 9, 2008 -

I've frequented Neil Cavuto's website for going on five years now. I don't recall a time when his above-the-fold screenshot and headline were anything more than a promo for his, ahem, "Common Sense" editorial. So when I went there today (December 9, 2008), I knew the righties were in Heaven:


Comment: Nothing could be more sensational at this moment than to highlight what an arrogant, hypocritical scumbag Rod -- the egomaniac -- Blagojevich is. Fair enough. Given the state of our "news" these days, I get that. But - "fair and balanced" - contrast that to how Cavuto treated the David Vitter scandal and the the Mark Foley scandal (and there's this). Oh, and the headlines and/or the gory details about the likes of Jack Abramoff and Ted Stevens? Nada. Zip.