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Bill O’Reilly Wants To Know Why You’re A Bigot If You Oppose Gay Marriage – Can We Talk?!

Reported by Priscilla - December 9, 2008 -

Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like the new video, Prop 8 The Musical which, according to America’s Daddy, accuses those, who disapprove of anti marriage equality, as bigots. O’Reilly, who claims that he appreciates a good satire, thinks that the lyric “time to spread the hate,” is sending the message that if you don’t “think the way we do, in Hollywood, you’re a bigot.” (Comment: as opposed to if you’re a “secular-progressive,” you’re eternally damned for ruining “traditionalist” loofah loving American life as we know it.”) Bill then went on to say that the criticism against those who supported Prop 8 is “McCarthyism.” (Comment: Oh, the irony! This is coming from someone who has a list of “media outlets that traffic in defamation” as well as an “enemies list.” This is coming from somebody who, despite his “patriotic” French boycott, is livid about the anti-Prop 8 boycott.) Talk about hypocrisy!

Thankfully, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was on board, Friday (December 5th) to provide some rational rebuttal to O’Reilly and right wing and fellow McCarthyite guest, Mike Gallagher. Yes, the same Mike Gallagher who wants a “Muslim check point line in American airports.” Now that’s a voice of reason. Dr. Lamont Hill hit it out of the park when he said that the video was “brilliant” and that so much of the impulse to end gay marriage, to challenge gay marriage was linked to the hatred of gay and lesbian people in America. That's why many people voted against the bill.” Gallagher, not surprisingly, said that the anti-prop 8 is “mean spirited.” (Comment: unlike all the mean spirited things said about gays by people like Bill O’Reilly?) Hill scored more points when he said that voting on an issue like gay marriage suggests that gays are not treated equally and that if Civil Rights had been put to a popular vote it wouldn’t have won. O’Reilly agreed with Hill that “there is some bigotry against gays.” (Comment: Yeah, Bill, remember when you warned about the dangers of “clustered” gays? Nah, he’s in total denial!) He then made an interesting comment when he said that “there's no doubt that in every public school, in most private schools in the nation, if you're an effeminate boy, you're going to get heckled and bullied and all of that.” (Comment: I know a number of school teachers who say that the gay kids are beginning to be treated better. I’m sure Bill would be appalled to know that many public high schools have gay student alliances!)

Hill had to explain to Bill that the video didn’t say that everyone who voted against Prop 8 was a bigot. But then O’Reilly thinks that Hendrik Hertzberg called Newt Gingrich a bigot and that wasn’t true either. Gingrich, did, however endulge in a bit of homophobia, when on the O'Reilly show, he referred to "gay fascism." Gallagher, who was upset that Jack Black was “mocking” Jesus, provided some evidence of how the rightwing thinks it has its pulse on America when he said “citizens aren't ready for gay marriage; probably never will be.” If not bigotry, this comment shows the stupidity and wishful thinking of the radical right as Newsweek reports that a small majority of Americans support gay marriage. Gallagher also claimed that every state is providing legal protection against gays. Sorry, Mike, it ain’t necessarily so. Only 13 states have amended their constitutions to include non discrimination against sexual orientation.

O’Reilly then said that he was going to invite Jack Black on his show; but Black won’t show up because “he’s not intellectually strong enough.”

Comment: The proponents of Prop 8 lied and lies are the basis of bigotry. But it’s ironic that O’Reilly thinks that the musical satire is accusatory and bigoted. Methinks he doth project too much.