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Bill O’Reilly, Via His Mini-Me (Whoops, Producer), Accuses New Yorker (Real) Journalist Of Bigotry – Excuse Me?????

Reported by Priscilla - December 8, 2008 -

Hendrik Hertzberg recently wrote an excellent article which pointed out the bigotry and hypocrisy of those who supported California’s Proposition 8. In the article, he also articulated the bigotry, hypocrisy, and homophobia of those, in the right wing who continue to spout their ugly views – notably that paragon of “family values” – the much married and muy macho Newt Gingrich. Thus, that other paragon of “family values,” Bill O’Reilly, took great umbrage and sent out his producer, Jesse Watters (who is still much traumatized after having fought off the “gay agenda” in San Francisco) to stalk Mr. Hertzberg. Not surprisingly, Bill was caught in what could be, yet, another, lie.

Hertzberg, a Harvard graduate (a crime in and of itself!), who is an award winning journalist and editor, accurately quoted Newt Gingrich’s commentary on “The Factor” when he illustrated, in his article, the sheer nonsensical views of the homophobic conservative right wing: "Like a polluted swamp, anti-gay bigotry is likely to get thicker and more toxic as it dries up. “Viciousness meets viscousness. “Look,” Newt Gingrich, the former House Speaker, said the other day (on the air, to Bill O’Reilly), “I think there is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us, is prepared to use violence. . . . I think that it is a very dangerous threat to anybody who believes in traditional religion…” He then used the accurate phrase “this sort of sludge” to show that this sort of sludge might be useful to the social conservatives in 2012. (Comment: words like “viscousness” might be too complex for O’Reilly viewers.)

So, obviously these are fighting words and O’Reilly’s boy wonder was unleashed to admonish Mr. Hertzberg. In a recent “Reality Check,” Bill (beside an photo of a cross superimposed on a rainbow flag) told his audience about how he and Newt Gingrich had chatted about “militant gays assaulting people” and “invading churches” during the Prop 8 protests.” (Comment: Huge number of folks, across the country, protested and the majority were peaceful. Only one church, in Michigan, was “invaded” and no charges were filed as no assaults took place.) Bill then said that Hertzberg, a “far left zealot,” had “ totally distorted” Ginrich’s comments – which were accurately quoted. He claimed that Hertzberg wrote that Gingrich’s comment applied “to the actual vote on gay marriage and not the violent reaction.” (Comment: What? O’Reilly is distorting Hertzberg’s comments as Hertzberg said nothing of the sort. He wasn't discussing the protest except as a tangential reference. He didn't quote Ginrich in connection with the vote or the reaction; but, rather, Gingrich's views on "gay fascisim" – but who needs facts when it’s the propaganda that’s important.)

O’Reilly’s disciple, Mr. Watters, is a chip off the old block as he employes the same kind of lies and manipulations that his master does. He asked Hertzberg if he had actually seen the tv segment which contained the Gingrich reaction to “gay militants who invaded a church and attacked Christian parishoners.” (Comment: Lie) Hertzberg accurately responded that Gingrich was suggesting a “gay plot” (i.e. “gay fascism”) involving “people who advocate gay marriage as terrorists, wasn’t he?” Watters said “no.” To Hertzberg’s question of “I’m calling him a bigot?,” Watters whined “you said he was a vicious bigot and I have the article right here in my hand.” (Comment: once again, Waters lies as Hertzberg was using Ginrich’s words to show the viciousness of those who demonize the supporters of marriage equality; but intellectual nuance is lost in O’Reilly’s bizarro world of evil plots and agendas). Watters mumbled about protestors “throwing chairs in church” to which Hertzberg said that “gay/secular fascism doesn’t exist.” Watters wanted to know if Hertzberg was going to apologize to Gingrich to which Hertzberg asked if Watters was going to apologize to him for invading his space.

After the video, O’Reilly said that he contacted the editor of the New Yorker who “had no problem” with Hertzberg and that, according to America’s Daddy, is “all you need to know about the New Yorker.” The lie that I alluded to earlier was when, at the beginning of the segment, O’Reilly said that Hertzberg was invited to come on the show. According to Hertzberg, that is an “outright lie” and that’s all you do know about Bill O’Reilly!