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Fox News War On Planned Parenthood = Fox News War On Women

Reported by Priscilla - December 5, 2008 -

Fox is the propaganda outlet for the conservative right wing “base” of the Republican Party. As such, their “news” about reproductive issues is strongly anti-choice. When I reviewed Hannity’s America, he had a hit piece on Planned Parenthood. O’Reilly conducted a major crusade against a Kansas doctor who allegedly (according to O’Reilly’s “secret files”) performed illegal late term abortions. I don’t think Bill has reported that the former Kansas Attorney General, who prosecuted Dr. Tiller, is now on trial for prosecutorial misconduct. Now, there are two issues that Fox is “exposing” – one, the gift certificates for Planned Parenthood that can be bought for a holiday gift, the other a recent “sting operation,” on the part of radical pro-life activists, that exposed what appeared to be criminal behavior. The Peasants with Pitchforks need convenient targets and Fox, in casting Planned Parenthood as the villain du jour, does seem to get them frothing at the mouth.

Last night (December 4th), Bill O’Reilly had, in a fair and balanced segment (just kidding) with Lila Rose, an erstwhile young woman whose hobby (her “passion”) seems to be setting up sting operations at Planned Parenthood clinics. Rose is no stranger to “The Factor” as she was interviewed last year when the Los Angeles Planned Parenthood sued her for taping someone without their permission which is against California law. Ms. Rose recently posed as a pregnant 13 year old who was seeking advice from an Indiana Planned Parenthood. On the video, which has breaks, the Planned Parenthood staff person tells her that state law requires that the age of the putative father be disclosed in order to comply with state sexual abuse statutes. Ms.Rose’s character says that the father is much older and disclosing the age would be a problem. The staff person appears to suggest ways of lying about the age of the father. According to Rose, the clinician gives her information on going to Illinois for an abortion (perental consent not needed) but that is not on the video.

As if on cue, O’Reilly asks Rose if she thinks this is common and Rose responds (not surprisingly) that Planned Parenthood has been engaging in a “nation-wide” cover-up of sexual abuse and this is a “national problem.” When Rose said that PPFA has an “abortion first, condoms second mentality,” O’Reilly agreed. Bill added that the face of the Planned Parenthood person was blurred because “we don’t want anything bad to happen to her.” (Comment: Oh, please Bill. You condemn the anti Prop 8 boycott; yet you have no problem with your folks publishing names and addresses of abortion providers who have been stalked and killed. Spare me your “concern.”) Not surprisingly, lil Miss Rose referenced the “millions” of “taxpayer” dollars that go to PPFA. (Comment: hey, sweetie, my tax dollars went to a war in which lots of people were killed for no reason.) Bill did mention that the worker in question has been put on leave. Obviously, if these allegations are true, this is a real problem because a law has been broken and sexual abuse of minors should be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law. But the presentation here was more a forum for the anti-choice movement.

The other issue that the anti-choice Fox crew is “concerned” about is the gift certificate from Planned Parenthood that entitles the bearer to a range of women’s health care which includes abortion – a procedure that is still legal in this country. On one of the Cavuto shows this week, he interviewed a woman who thinks this is terrible. Interestingly, this woman supposedly had an abortion; but now has changed her mind – and obviously doesn’t want other women to have the choice that she did. Cavuto, unlike Bill O’Reilly, made a point of saying that PPFA was invited to appear; but declined. I happened to be on the Fox News website and I came across this article entitled: “Planned Parenthood Gift Certificates Could Be Used for Deadly Purposes.” I was curious because I didn’t think that today’s oral contraceptives were dangerous. What was it? A malicious mammography? A perverse pap smear? Nope, just the fact that abortion was included and the "fair and balanced" author of the article is anti-choice. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. I have a number of gal pals whose health plans don’t cover birth control pills yet cover Viagra – a strange phenomenon that earned Republican Carly Fiorina a place under the “Straight Talk Express” when she dared broach it with McCain, who didn’t seem to be able to address this issue when asked about it. Planned Parenthood provides comprehensive reproductive health care to women, especially low income women, who in these tough economic times, do not need to be burdened with an unplanned pregnancy. I wonder if Bill supports social safety nets for those women who do give birth or are they just blank out of luck once the baby is born? “America’s Newsroom” indeed!