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Hannity Channels Joe McCarthy (Again): Attacks “Anti-Americanism” Of Deepak Chopra

Reported by Ellen - December 3, 2008 -

“Great American” Sean Hannity, always at the ready to attack a fellow American if they're a Democrat and/or an African American, was on his Hanctimonious high horse on last night's (12/2/08) Hannity & Colmes, tilting at what he perceived as “anti-Americanism even within our own country.” He only got as far as naming Deepak Chopra but regular Hannity viewers know that given enough time, he would have added Democrats and liberals to his McCarthy-esque list. Additionally, Hannity misrepresented his exchange with Chopra of the night before. With video.

The discussion occurred with Bill “you could abort every black baby in this country and the crime rate would go down” Bennett. Those reprehensible comments (some might call them anti-American), earned Bennett a hefty dose of Republican rehab on the show.

Hannity told Bennett, “One of the things that really infuriates me is that, the anti-Americanism even within our own country.”

Hannity continued by saying, “We had Deepak Chopra on last night and he's blaming America! ...He was blaming America for the attacks in Mumbai and I challenged him on it and I'm like, 'Wait a minute. You've done so well in America. Why are you blaming us?' We protect 100% of the world's populatilon. We're 4% of it.”

Actually, that's quite a distortion of their discussion, which you can watch in its entirety here. Chopra made it clear he was sympathetic to America, that he sided with our country but that he felt our tactics in the war on terror were wrong-headed and counterproductive and, as a result, helped contribute to conditions that led to the attacks in Mumbai. Also, Hannity never confronted Chopra on how well he has done in the US. Hannity was completely respectful and amiable toward Chopra to his face.

At the end of the discussion, Hannity asked, “Why do you think so many people either blame America, dislike America or don't understand the fundamental goodness of America? It's never been a perfect country. We're not a perfect people but we have been a force for greatness and goodness and we don't seem to get the credit for it. Why?”

I don't know, Sean. Maybe it's because we invaded a country that wasn't a threat and are still there more than 5 years later? But making bullyboy accusations on a national news network against everyone who disagrees with you can't help.