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FOX News Guest: It's Rational To Think Obama Is A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - December 3, 2008 -

Documentary filmmaker John Ziegler appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/2/08) once again touting his research that suggests Obama voters were more ignorant than those who voted for McCain thanks to the media's supposed pro-Obama bias. When Alan Colmes brought up, as refutation, the large number of Americans who think Obama is a Muslim, Ziegler said that because Obama had been "registered as a Muslim" in Indonesia, it was a rational answer. Yet in a prior interview, Ziegler revealed he was actually guessing about Obama's religious history. With video.

This was the second time that Ziegler has appeared on Hannity & Colmes to discuss his supposed findings that because of liberal media bias, Obama voters were misinformed and ignorant. Colmes challenged that thesis. Last night, he noted that, “23 percent of Texans are convinced that Democratic (President Elect) Obama is a Muslim.” Colmes asked, “What does that tell about people listening to what they hear on the media, in that case, the conservative media?”

Ziegler replied, “Actually, Alan, if you look at (Obama's) history in Indonesia, he was registered as a Muslim. That's a rational answer. Even though he's not today.”

And how many of those “rational” Texans based their opinion on researching Obama's history in Indonesia as opposed to say, hearing it on talk radio?

Ziegler, a former radio talk show host, made it clear in a recent interview with Nate Silver, of fivethirtyeight.com, that he did not know Obama's religious history. Nevertheless, Ziegler gave even more credibility to the theory of Obama being a former Muslim.

Ziegler: I do know that (Obama) never claimed to be a Christian until he met Reverend Wright. And I do believe -- and I’ve never held this against him -- that it would have been highly unlikely for him not to have been registered as a Muslim as a child in Indonsesia but who cares... I think he was likely -- registered as a Muslim between the ages of 6 and 10 while he was going to school in Indonesia. It would have been highly unusual for him not to be... There was never any evidence that he was a Christian until he decided to join the church of a racist hate-monger for political purposes.

It's worth noting that Silver's probing, relevant questions so unnerved “rational” Ziegler that he ended the interview by cursing out Silver. On his blog, Colmes wrote that during their first interview, Ziegler was "contentious with me from the get-go,... surprisingly bringing up race where no race issue was previously implied."

In the previous segment, Sean Hannity had complained about others not recognizing the goodness in America. But minutes later, he was eating up Ziegler's findings that disparaged the majority of Americans who voted for Barack Obama.

Hannity also gloated that those who watched FOX News had the best ability to answer which party controls Congress. I suspect that's because FNC is the only network who beats its viewers over the head with it in order to attack Democrats. Real news channels recognize that until last month's election, Democrats controlled Congress by a thin margin.

Hannity crowed that Ziegler's “survey” asked about “really significant issues” such as William Ayers and Obama's “coal plant” comments. There was no discussion about the war in Iraq or the economic meltdown. I guess they weren't important enough.

Hannity said, “If you don't listen to talk radio, if you don't watch the FOX News Channel, you're not anywhere nearly as informed as people that are just hearing the bumper stickers, the slogans, the snippets, the commercials of the media. Journalism died in 2008 and it influenced a lot of people on the way out.”

Funny, all the times I heard about “unrepentant terrorist” and “G-D America” notwithstanding, I can't recall a single Hannity & Colmes debate over Sarah Palin's connection to the Alaskan seccesionist party, her falsehoods about the Bridge to Nowhere, John McCain's connection to the Keating 5 nor the hatred engendered at the McCain-Palin rallies.

But I do recall FOX News spreading the phony story about Obama attending a Muslim school in Indonesia.