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Deepak Chopra Calls Out Hannity And FOX As “Cheerleaders” For Iraq War

Reported by Ellen - December 2, 2008 -

Deepak Chopra appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (12/1/08) ostensibly to discuss the Mumbai terrorist attacks. But during his time with Sean Hannity, Chopra defended his previous criticisms of the US war on terror and its effect on Muslims by going on offense against Hannity, albeit in a friendly way. Chopra told Hannity, “FOX and yourself have wholeheartedly cheered on the disastrous war in Iraq so I can understand why you'd continue to mount a rearguard action in defense of the Bush administration.” With video.

Hannity continues to be a cheerleader for the war. “It liberated people,” he told Chopra.

Chopra said, “The conservative estimate is 400,000 Iraqis dead. The other estimate is a million. We don't even include that in our conversation.”

“But you forgot, those people – there were rape rooms and torture chambers and people living in misery and poverty,” Hannity argued.

As compared to the fabulous conditions they've been living under since the invasion?

Chopra refused to be intimidated or silenced by Hannity. Once again, Hannity seemed to respect someone more when they stood up to him.

Not that Chopra didn't say anything we didn't already know but most people don't have the guts to say it directly to Hannity and FOX. If only more people did.