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Bill O’Reilly – Pathological Liar ? Sociopath? Bizarro World Citizen?

Reported by Priscilla - November 30, 2008 -

As you know, I’ve been doing some “virtual” psychological diagnoses (here and here) for Bill O’Reilly; as he does demonstrate, what appear to be, symptoms of a plethora of mental health disorders. A recent interview of O’Reilly, at a book signing on Long Island, showed (once again) that he does seem to live in a fantasy world - one in which he grew up in a humble, “hardscrapple” environment which contributed to his “working class hero” myth that he continues (as shown in the interview) to promote (here and here_). Pathological lying is not considered a clinical disorder; but it is part of the personality profile for sociopaths: “Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities.” And interestingly, Bill, in a moment of self awareness, has even described himself as a “sociopath.” For Bill, as with George Costanza, I guess” it’s not a lie if you belive it.” As such, the “bold, fresh” comments that he made, during the book signing interview, weren’t lies – yeah, right.

Bill O’Reilly, once again, lied or fantasized about his childhood: “I can remember at 4 and 5 years old being tossed out into the neighborhood. It was a hardscrabble upbringing.” This is such a joke because the “hardscrabble” delusion has been totally debunked by none other than his own mother who told the Washington Post that little Bill grew up in Westbury, a more affluent community several miles from Levittown. Billy’s dad was an accountant for an oil company and made enough money to be able to send Bill to posh Chaminade High School – not a haven for blue collar kids which is what he thinks he is, as shown by this comment made during the interview: “I consciously fostered my working-class background.”

When asked if he was a “proselytizer,” O’Reilly said: "I'm not a roller. I'm not going out and saying, "I'm a church guy.' I'm the biggest sinner on the block. It would be ridiculous for me to tell anybody what I do. Everybody seeks solace in their own way. Religion, used properly, is a positive. It gives you peace of mind.” EXCUSE ME?!!! Is this the same Bill O’Reilly who, in “looking out” for us, tells us that any belief, other than his own, is sinfull, wrong, and unpatriotic? We’re talking his way or the highway! Here’s another whopper: “I'm a secular guy. It's the separation of church and state. We don't make laws based on religion, and I don't accept arguments based on that.” WHAT The ….???!!!!! Is this the same Bill O’Reilly who claims that he is a “traditionalist” ( a "T-Warrior") and said that “the separation of church and state is bogus?” Is this the same Bill O’Reilly who wants companies, that don’t say Merry Christmas, boycotted? When asked what he was “impressed by,” his answer produced a gag reflex: “by intellect, by accomplishment, by fairness, by charity. By people who sacrifice for others. I'm more interested in helping the country - I know it sounds ridiculous. But we have a purpose, and that's mine.” SAY WHAT! Is this the same Bill O’Reilly who does hit pieces on everybody and everything that doesn’t square with his world view – a “white, Christian, male power structure” which he wants preserved and defended against things like the “gay agenda” and “San Francisco values.” Is this the same Bill O'Reilly who trashed President-elect Barack Obama's community service? When Bill talked about how important the traditions of Catholicism were to him, I had to chuckle because sexual harassment of an employee, with lurid sexual talk, isn’t exactly extolled in the Baltimore Catechism.

Comment: It’s clear that Bill is a liar. It’s not clear whether the lying is deliberate or pathological. The contrast between the Bill’s self image (bizarro world) and reality is disturbing and might point to a severe pathology. It’s beyond my pay grade!