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Laura Ingraham and Andrew Breitbart – Smears, Lies, Hypocrisy, and Homophobia

Reported by Priscilla - November 28, 2008 -

Laura Ingraham, like her fellow posh Connecticut bred, right wing, blonde, “Aryan” hate monger Ann Coulter, wears a great big, conspicuous cross. So she must be a great big Christian? And Christians are supposed to be tolerant, right? If her recent appearances as a substitute host, on the Bill O’Reilly are any metric, she would appear to have some issues involving gays. As I noted in an earlier thread, last week she brayed about the unfairness of eHarmony being “forced” to set up a gay dating website. But Monday night, she conducted a spectacularly unfair and unbalanced interview with Matt Drudge pal Andrew Breitbart who, like Laura, also appears to have issues with those who oppose Proposition 8. In the course of the interview they did engage in some un-Christian lying and smearing of an individual who wasn’t being interviewed. Given Ingraham’s reported history of homophobia her protestation appears a bit – shall we say – hypocritical.

The interview with Breitbart consisted of one big whinefest about how the poor merchants of California are being punished, by boycotts, for their support of Proposition 8. Poor Breitbart’s father in law owns a theater which is now being protested against. Father in law was, supposedly, blacklisted in the 50’s for being a communist; but he has found Jesus and now is being punished for believing in the “sanctity of marriage.” Ingraham was particularly incensed at the “hypocrisy” of the Hollywood community – notably George Clooney – for talking about how the “blacklist” was a terrible thing (Comment: it ruined careers) and yet today’s Hollywood community is doing the same thing. (Comment: I don’t believe the boycott originated in Hollywood; but who needs facts when you sending a message about evil Hollywood). Ingraham said that “there is no free speech in Hollywood” and if the Hollywood executives “don’t speak out against this intimidation…they have no credibility with me.” (Comment: and I’m sure they’re really worried about that!) Breitbart railed about how Obama and Biden are “silent;” yet they are against gay marriage. According to Breitbart, Obama has an “aggressive attitude towards gay rights” (Comment: Oh really, he supports civil unions and the lifting of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” That’s really hostile! And I guess that Andrew doesn't know that Obama opposed Proposition 8!!!) Breitbart claimed that the Mormon church was being singled out for harassment.

Breitbart then claimed that he “asked Michelangelo Signorile to “go down to a local mosque with a group of angry activist left people" and to protest the Islamic position on gay marriage. He won't do that.” Ingraham snorted as she replied, Well, Andrew, that is such a great point about the mosque. “I mean, that would show true courage, OK? Go after the black churches and the mosques, and we'll see whether they're actually going to put their money where their mouths are.” (Comment: The well financed Mormon Church provided a great deal of support to the anti Prop 8 forces and will be investigated by a California election commission as to whether they complied with state law regarding disclosure of non monetary activities related to the campaign against Prop 8. Black churches and mosques did not have organized campaigns as did the Mormon and Roman Catholic churches which are large organizations.)

Comment: Laura was aghast at the San Francisco Chronicle’s publishing of the names of targeted merchants. Yet, while editing the homophobic “Dartmouth Review,” she reportedly “secretly taped meetings of the campus Gay Students Association, sent copies of the tapes to participants’ parents, and, as if that wasn’t enough, published the transcript and went on to publicly denounce the Gay Students Association as "cheerleaders for latent campus sodomites." Hypocrisy? And regarding the claim about Michelangelo Signorile – check out his website for his response to the odious Breitbart. He makes a valid point when he states that the same folks who are complaining about the black list publish lists of abortion providers and stores that don’t say Merry Christmas. Hypocrisy? But the best part is when he says that he has never met Breitbart. So in addition to smearing, “family values” Breitbart could be guilty of lying. There is rich irony, however, in the link on Bill O’Reilly’s webpage to a “holiday” event that the Christmas warriors want boycotted. More hypocrisy? But hey, there’s a culture war going on and the peasants with pitchforks need some ammunition!

BTW, the video, which contains unsettling visual and vocal from Breitbart (doesn’t neatness count when you’re on TV?) is the top video of the “Producer’s Pick” on the Bill O’Reilly site. Hey, Andrew, want some cheese with that whine?