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Laura Ingraham Strikes Discordant Note About eHarmony’s New Gay Dating Service

Reported by Priscilla - November 26, 2008 -

Despite the notion that the O’Reilly "Factor" is an opinion show about news, there really should be some obligation to accuracy in reporting the issues being discussed – especially on the “fair and balanced” network. Laura Ingraham is an attorney and really should be able to provide accurate background information especially on legal issues; but instead she is focused on scoring shots in the “culture war” which, on Fox, is also a war on gays.

Last week (November 21st) she interviewed a lawyer, Geoffrey Nathan, about the court case which “forced” the computer dating site, eHarmony, to include gays in the dating pool. Per the agreement, eHarmony has agreed to set up a separate dating service for gays. Mr. Nathan, while being talked over, said it wasn’t a matter of “forcing” because the matter was settled without recourse to a court order. Naturally, Ingraham didn’t mention that the case was brought to court by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Civil Rights Division; but she did bray about how the founder of eHarmony was being persecuted for his Christian beliefs (he was connected to Focus on the Family). When Nathan said that businesses need to comply with anti discrimination statutes, she vehemently disagreed and said that businesses shouldn’t be “forced” to change their rules to accommodate this type of thing. She was concerned that Catholic dating services would be forced to accommodate gays and in a bizarre example of legal apples and oranges, she asked if Hooters would be forced to hire men who wore just G-strings! (Comment: Is good Catholic Ingraham having "dirty thoughts?") When Nathan repeated that this was a constitutional issue and nobody was being forced, Ingraham sneered and muttered “they’re being forced.”