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Who Cares About Obama’s Church Attendance? America’s Christian Newsroom Does!

Reported by Priscilla - November 25, 2008 -

The latest right wing topic du jour is, according to these "Christians," Barack Obama’s lack of Christian piety. Of course, in rightwingworld, “piety” is defined as public displays of religiosity chief among them being church attendance. Who cares if you’re doing deals with shady lobbyists or toe tapping in public bathrooms? If your posterior is connected to a suitably Christian church pew, every Sunday, you pass muster with Fox’s Christian heartland. Last night’s (November 24th) “Grapevine” served to inform its audience that Barack Obama is on the road to perdition.

Brit Hume, who is leaving Fox News to “follow his Christian faith,” (talking about your “piety” scores mucho points with the church crowd), teased the segment with this comment: “President-Elect Obama Is Not Spending His Sundays Where Many of His Predecessors Have.” (Comment: What? He’s not “on the links” like his predecessor?) The chyron for the lead off “Grapevine” was “fit or faithful?” (Comment: I guess you can’t be both). Faith, for Hume, is connected to a church building and the accompanying graphic was a photo of Obama beside a pair of sneakers superimposed against a backdrop photo of a church. Hume noted that Obama, despite having been seen dropping off his daughters at school and taking his wife out to dinner, hasn’t been seen in a church. Hume described this as a “shift” from Bush and Clinton “who attended services in the weeks after they were elected, and most presidents have made a practice of going to church and being seen doing so.” Hume quoted “Politico” in stating that, according to a transition aide, “the Obamas valued their faith experience in Chicago but were concerned about the impact their large entourage could have on others in the congregation.” Naturally Jeremiah Wright’s name was brought up when Hume mentioned that the Obamas resigned their membership in Trinity UCC after the Wright “controversy” and according to Politico they are looking forward to finding a “church community” in Washington.

Comment: Media Matters did a great job in debunking some of the points in the Politico report regarding the church attendance of Bush and Clinton. Certainly Hume did not point out that, according to an article in Time (link in the MMFA article), Ronald Reagan did not attend church at all. Hume would never have dared to mention the inconvenient truth that our founding Presidents were, despite their adherence to Protestantism, secular Deists. I wonder if there was anything on the “Grapevine” about how members of Bush’s Methodist Church were very critical of the Iraq War and were not happy about the Bush library being sited at Southern Methodist University. I wonder if there was anything on “Grapevine” about Bush’s pastor, who officiated at his daughter’s wedding, supporting Barack Obama. Nope, the Fox “two minutes of hate” has a divine mission to smear Obama at every opportunity. I’m not a religious person; but I suspect that smearing people might be a violation of some commandment. But Fox subscribes to its own cannon which has its own definition of “piety.” Funny, Jesus had some words for those who, like Brit Hume, define “piety” as an outward show: “Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and greetings in the marketplaces.” My final thought – the economy is going down the terlet. Who the bleep cares about whether Barack Obama is attending church!!! Obviously Fox News does.