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Unrepentant Bigot Sean Hannity To Get His Own FOX News Show

Reported by Ellen - November 25, 2008 -

Despite his history of cozying up to a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist and anti-Semites, Sean Hannity has reportedly been rewarded by FOX News for his hate-mongering with a solo show in prime time, just as the nation prepares for its first African American president.

UPDATE: TV Newser says no decision made yet about Hannity going solo.

One day after Alan Colmes announced he will be leaving Hannity & Colmes, The New York Times reported that Hannity will get the show to himself.

As we have repeatedly noted, Hannity has a long record of kinship with bigots:

As mentioned above, for several years, Hannity welcomed a white supremacist caller to his radio show.

He regularly hosts Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who can be counted on to make racial attacks against African Americans. Peterson has accused "most" African Americans in Tennessee of "us(ing) racism to intimidate white America." Peterson has also urged white people to start speaking out against "double standards" that favor blacks. Rather than repudiate Peterson, Hannity has shown approval of his racial antagonism. Hannity often states that he is proud to serve on the advisory board of Peterson's organization, BOND.

Similarly, Hannity frequently obsesses on his own about black racism toward whites. He once spent three nights discussing some unknown bookstore owner who had advocated the extermination of whites during a panel discussion about Hurricane Katrina a year earlier.

Any accusation of bigotry toward a white person will almost surely trigger a Hannity-to-the-rescue response. Don Imus, Mel Gibson, and Duane “Dog” Chapman were all recipients of Hannity's prime time rehab.

Most recently, FOX News expressed regret for having booked Andy Martin, who has a history of bigoted and anti-Semitic statements, as an Obama expert on Hannity's America. Yet Hannity has refused to offer similar regret.

With Barack Obama's pending presidency, Hannity's record is of even greater concern. Despite calling Obama's election "a tremendous step forward" for the country, Hannity has repeated his racial pattern by accusing Obama of "playing the race card," suggested that Obama might be a black separatist, and tried to paint him as a bigoted soulmate of Louis Farrakhan even after it had been reported that Obama explicitly criticized Farrakhan's views.

It's bad enough that a national news network that claims "We like America" would condone Hannity's troubling record. It's even worse that they're rewarding it with a solo show.