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FOX News Employee Dick Morris Fundraises On The Air For Chambliss Again

Reported by Ellen - November 25, 2008 -

As I posted Friday night, FOX News contributor Dick Morris has been fundraising on the air for Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss who is engaged in a run-off election that could hand the Democrats a veto-proof majority in the Senate. On last night's (11/24/08) Hannity & Colmes, Morris once again made a plea for viewers to support Chambliss via an organization to which Morris has financial ties. As usual, Morris was presented as a political analyst, introduced as the author of a book and as “former Clinton advisor.” Not only was Morris allowed to continue with another round of Chambliss fundraising on "fair and balanced" FOX News, Morris was fed an opening for it last night by Sean Hannity. With video.

During the discussion, which was about Barack Obama's appointments and his upcoming economic stimulus plan, Hannity suddenly switched gears. “If Saxby Chambliss doesn't win in Georgia, this gives (Democrats) their magic number of 60.”

“Yeah,” Morris agreed. “The Republian Party is dead at that point... and I've been pushing very, very hard for a trust called GOPTrust dot com that is running a million dollars of ads in Georgia to elect Chambliss and defeat the Democrat.”

As Media Matters has reported, Morris also has financial ties to that group. Last night, Morris said, “Now in the last couple of days, some of the liberals have lashed back at me, claiming that somehow I'm getting paid by this group. But the fact is that all they've done is buy ads on my website. Like they buy ads in the New York Times. And I'm no more in cahoots with them than the New York Times is. And this has all been fully disclosed.”

But the New York Times doesn't run editorials repeatedly asking its readers to donate to their advertisers, much less have one of their staff writers make a pitch in the middle of a piece of news analysis.

Morris continued, “I won't be intimidated by those groups. It is crucially important that every American who cares about the free enterprise system go online as soon as this show is over... and give Chambliss the money he needs to win. Your whole future depends on it.”

Alan Colmes, breaking in for his portion of the interview, asked, “But are you fundraising for Chambliss by doing this?”

“Yes. Darn right I am!” Morris replied.

There was not a single Democratic guest on the show last night, much less anyone making a pitch for Saxby's opponent.