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Megyn Kelly Plays The Fear Of Black Robbers Card

Reported by Priscilla - November 24, 2008 -

Now that E.D. Hill is but an unpleasant memory, Megyn Kelly is the “prima-donna” of the Fox stable of “Aryan” newsbabes. She is the perfect GOP “handmaiden” whose blonde, micro mini-skirted, Republican perkiness is merely window dressing for what appears to be the kind of racism that permeates today’s GOP heartland “base.” It was during Kelly’s program that the infamous “baby mama” chyron appeared under video of Michelle Obama – the wife of our next president. It was fashionista Kelly who, in criticizing Michelle Obama’s dress, said that “those women” shouldn’t wear that color. And today, during the Bill Hemmer/Megyn Kelly’s legs morning news show, Kelly did a segment on how today’s hard times could result in more bank robberies. And according to the video shown, during the piece, these bank robbers don’t represent “her” people!

Update - Video Here


The Fox morning shows have always featured crime stories which seem to, almost always, show footage of convenience store robbers who happen to be minority – and usually those with African American features. E.D. Hill seemed to revel in that type of footage. So it came as no surprise that, during an interview with security consultant, Bill Daley, footage of black robbers was shown. And it wasn’t just one small clip. There were several clips of the same convenience store robbery with the same up close face shot of the black robber. There was one shot of masked robbers whose skin was dark. There was a lengthy video of blacks who were robbing a bank.

Comment: The propaganda here wasn’t subtle. The meme that blacks are criminals was reinforced by the video footage. The discussion about business security, in these tough economic times, was valid; but it didn’t need the accompanying video. As we know, crime is “equal opportunity;” but you wouldn’t know that by watching this segment. In the early part of the 20th century, D.W. Griffith did a film called “Birth of a Nation” in which the newly freed slaves were evil criminals who were brought to “justice” by noble Klansmen. If D.W. Griffith were still around he would work for Fox because the propaganda on Fox is straight out of “Birth of a Nation.” If a remake of this movie were made, Megyn Kelly would definitely have a part!