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Bill O’Reilly Equates “Merry Christmas” With Patriotism? Excuse Me?

Reported by Priscilla - November 24, 2008 -

As I have already noted, in an earlier thread, Bill O’Reilly appears to have some serious mental health issues. In addition to all the other personality disorders that I cited, I need to add “delusional disorder” because Bill certainly fits the description with regard to his bogus and bizarre “War on Christmas” fixation. But in Thursday night’s (November 20th) Talking Points memo, he took his delusion to a new level when he tried to tie it into patriotism. I really think he needs some “intervention.”

O’Reilly began by saying, during his “Pinheads and Patriots” segment, that “the most intense battles to retain America's Christmas traditions have been won, there are still a few skirmishes to be fought against folks who want the word Christmas banned.” First, what the bleep is he talking about when he says that the “battles” (for someone who never served in the military, he does love that “war” language) have been won? But hey, who cares about details when you’ve got yourself a warm and fuzzy delusion!? And who wants the word “Christmas” banned? I mean really, the dude is seriously bleeped up. Bill then showed a video of a non diverse group of folks from Focus on the Family. The FOTF crew wanted to send a “message" to retailers: "If you're going to be making money off our holiday, we'd seriously love it if you'd just celebrate it with us. And if you can't do that, at least show a little respect. Call it what it is – Christmas.” O’Reilly applauded them by saying “For providing oversight, the Focus folks are patriots.”

Comment: Focus on the Family obviously didn’t provide enough “oversight” on the recent election because their guy lost. Their “oversight” wasn’t enough to bring in the money because they just dropped more than 200 jobs – people who won’t be doing much “retailing” this season. Focus on the Family is a very right wing group which doesn’t speak for mainstream Americans – let alone “provide oversight.” But saying “Merry Christmas” is patriotic? Doesn’t Bill realize that Christmas wasn’t even celebrated by the Puritans in colonial New England? Does he know that Christmas wasn’t a national holiday until 1870 and that much of what we “celebrate” as Christmas was imported from Victorian England. The Christmas Tree that he used as his chyron for the above segment had its origins in pagan Germanic folklore. O’Reilly, a “traditionalist” Christian focuses on the “retail” aspect of Christmas which isn’t really what it’s all about. If we really wanted to celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, retail would have nothing do with it; as it would be strictly a religious feast – not people getting into more debt in order to buy foreign made crap that they really don’t need. And are those who don’t say “Merry Christmas” (secular, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc) not patriotic? I guess saying “Happy Hannukah” (and can you imagine the wrath of O’Reilly if a Jewish talk show host wanted to force retailers to say that!) isn’t patriotic. I really don’t get this latest connection other than Bill O’Reilly is bleeping crazy!