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FOX Guest Says Obama AG Pick Eric Holder “May Agree” With Terrorists

Reported by Ellen - November 21, 2008 -

Last night (11/20/08), FOX News once again looked more like Joseph McCarthy than the “we like America” network Roger Ailes claims it is. In yet another reprise of the campaign themes, a Hannity & Colmes guest helped further the “Barack Obama is a secret terrorist” meme, this time because his Attorney General nominee-to-be, Eric Holder, helped pardon a number of radicals, including a few tied to none other than William Ayers. With video.

“Great American” Sean Hannity said, “Holder oversaw the clemency deal struck between the (Clinton) White House and a dozen members of the FALN terrorist group in 1999.” Hannity explained that FALN was a radical Puerto Rican nationalist group that bombed sites in the United States, including one that killed the guest's father.

The guest, Joe Connor, seems to have made something of a career out of attacking the Clintons over the deal. During the campaign, Connor attacked Obama for having Holder as an advisor.

To me, it smacks of the failed guilt by association rhetoric of the just-ended campaign, the one that ended in a mandate for Obama, but OK. Standard FOX News/Sean Hannity fare.

But then Hannity brought up two other “terrorists” who were members of the Weather Underground that Holder “help(ed) to circumvent the pardon process... These are major crimes and that he helped circumvent the process and evade objections from prosecutors. Their jail terms were commuted.” Hannity continued with the following leading question, “What is this obsession with allowing terrorists to go free?”

Connor followed. He replied, “It's a great question... It's never been answered why he pushed these things through. Sometimes we get so involved in what the politics of something are. Maybe he just agreed with them. I don't know what other explanation there could be.”