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Sex as and Business: Fox "Pop Tart" Courtney Friel Masquerades as a Business News Reporter

Reported by Melanie - November 20, 2008 -

I thought it curious during this time of deep economic turmoil and stress when I saw Fox entertainment reporter Courtner Friel make two consecutive appearances on Your World w/Neil Cavuto this week. After all, Your World is allegedly Fox's "premiere business news" show. Tuesday Friel did a segment about how gift cards are going out of style and yesterday she did a segment about all the sales taking place on NYC's Fifth Avenue.

Silly me (slapping forehead). Bottom line? Friel = sex. After all, she represented Fox at the Playboy mansion on Halloween (see Fox's own Pop Tarts). Who knew? Looks like Cavuto found a subtler way of adding some titillation to the drudgery of blaming the economic crisis on Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and "Hugo Chavez economics." Alas, another example of the (ahem) high "news" standards at Fox.

(November 20, 2008)