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Colmes Cut Off Exposing Michelle Bachmann's Lies

Reported by Ellen - November 20, 2008 -

Rep. Michelle Bachmann, who nearly lost her re-election bid last month after she said she thought Barack Obama had “anti-American views” and called for a McCarthy-like investigation into members of Congress to see if they are pro-American, was a guest on Hannity & Colmes Tuesday night (11/18/08). Sean Hannity ignored Bachmann's disturbing comments and, predictably, egged her on for more. Alan Colmes confronted her about them. But no sooner did Bachmann deny what she has been caught on video saying, than the music started as a signal to end the discussion. With video.

Hannity got 4:46 to interview Bachmann. She was purportedly there to attack discuss the likely appointment of Eric Holder for Attorney General. But the real reason soon emerged why Bachmann, who serves on no related committees and, as a Congresswoman, would have no role in Holder's confirmation, was there. She's from Minnesota and was willing to take a swipe at Al Franken who is in the middle of a hotly contested recount of the US Senate race.

“He wants to stuff the ballot box with rejected ballots,” Bachmann blithely said. Naturally, “Great American” Sean Hannity ate up her smears on a fellow American.

After about two minutes into his portion of the interview, Colmes read to Bachmann her pre-election comments in which she said, “I’m very concerned (Barack Obama) may have anti-American views” and had called for the media to do a “penetrating expose” into the “views of the people in Congress and find out if they’re pro-America or anti-America.”

Bachmann denied having said it. You can watch a video of her saying exactly that here.

As Colmes pressed her, noting that he had video on his website of her saying it and reading back to her her exact words, the music started, an obvious signal that the segment was going to end.