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Reversing Himself, Cavuto Now Insists That We Use the Word "Bailout"

Reported by Melanie - November 19, 2008 -

Back in March, when evidence of the impending credit crisis was upon us but "business news" reporters like Neil Cavuto kept up a happy face, the Fed began bailing banks out. Back then, way before the election and during a time when Cavuto, for one, hoped to continue the illusion that eight years of Republican rule had brought nothing but goodness and light, he touched on those bailouts but didn't exactly use that word - bailout. No. it was about "providing cash" to "calm things down." It was "injecting liquidity." It was "lending."

But wait! The election is over. A Democrat will soon move into the White House. That was then, this is now and now Cavuto is actually writing editorials insisting that people use the word bailout: "Only they refuse to call it a bailout. They say it's a loan. Trust me, if taxpayer dollars are involved, it's a bailout."

The guy is so predictable. So transparent.