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Fox News Can’t Quit Bill Ayers

Reported by Priscilla - November 19, 2008 -

Despite the reality that the Bill Ayer’s “connection” to Professor William Ayers, who was once a member of the Weather Underground, was soundly ignored by the American electorate who elected Barak Obama as the next president of the USA, Fox News still can’t move on. Last night’s (November 18th) “Grapevine” was a great example of sour grapes as it was a response to Bill Ayer’s recent criticism of Fox News. The piece was your typical “Grapevine” – a propaganda point which doesn’t tell the whole story and the story told has misinformation. But how dare Professor Ayers criticize the “fair and balanced” network!!!!!

According to Brit Hume, “unrepentant one time terrorist” Bill Ayers spoke, Monday night, at a Washington, DC church. (Comment: when G. Gordon Liddy is interviewed on Fox, he’s not referred to as an unrepentant conspirator, illegal wiretapper, and burglar) What Hume didn’t add was that Ayers also spoke at Georgetown University. The title of the piece was “blame game” (oh, the irony, the irony!) It’s interesting that the article in the Georgetown “Hoya" described Ayers as an anti-war activist; but then they’re not in the right wing propaganda business. Ayers was quoted by “Grapevine” as saying "the creation of me as a fearsome person... that somehow I’ve killed people, that somehow I've been a violent person... There are times I felt like that wonderful moment in George Orwell's '1984' called the 'two minutes of hate'... the only thing is George Orwell had quite an imagination — he couldn't imagine FOX News." (Comment: Very True!)

In a dig (I guess?) at the Associated Press, the Weather Underground was described as violent “even by the AP” and "responsible for a series of bombings, including attacks at the Pentagon and the Capitol, as well as the deaths of two police officers and a security guard in a botched Brink's truck ambush in 1981.” Fact check. The capitol bombings only inflicted property damage; as the movement, at that time, did not target civilians. The Brinks ambush, in 1981, happened a year after Ayers turned himself in to authorities after which charges were dropped. Hence, the definition of Ayers as “terrorist” is not borne out by the facts and is a designation, used by the right wing, to smear Obama by instilling fear. Ayers is a “Distinguished Professor of Education” – a fact that is never acknowledged by Fox News.

Comment: Ayers’s addresses, at the two venues, incorporated so much more than what “Grapevine” reported including this comment, a response to a question of whether he killed anyone which included another reference to Fox News: "Not only did I never kill or injure another person, but the Weather Underground — in the six years it existed — never killed or injured another person,” he said. “If you ingest way too much Fox News, you’re going to be confused about a lot of things.” (Very true!) In an interview backstage at the Unitarian church, he told a reporter that the “narrative created around me and Barrack Obama is so profoundly dishonest.” He said “guilt by association” was part of the narrative about Barack Obama and that he “expected the grown up media to say that this was irrelevant.” One wouldn’t expect the Fox audience to understand his explanation for his connection to the Weather Underground: "You can't reach 64 years old and not have a lot of regrets. Personal regrets, political regrets, All kinds of regret. But I refuse to participate in a ritualistic mea culpa when we were living in a sewer of violence…” When he compared himself to the character in 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein, whose image on the screen, during the “two minutes of hate,” was accompanied by chants of “kill him,” all I could think of were the Palin rallies and the death threats received by objects of Fox News ire.

And then I remembered the intro to the Fox News Grapevine as the “most scintillating two minutes in television” – just like the Orwellian “two minutes of hate.” Oh, the irony, the irony!!!!!!!