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Colmes Asks Rove, “What Have You Leaked?”

Reported by Ellen - November 19, 2008 -

It's not clear to me that Alan Colmes was referring to the Valerie Plame case but I thought I detected a note of mischief in his voice tonight when, during a discussion about leaks about Obama appointments, Colmes began his portion of a discussion with Karl Rove by asking, “Karl, what have you leaked?” With video.

Sean Hannity began the interview with Rove and brought up the subject of leaks by suggesting that the leaks about Obama appointments are coming from a disloyal Clinton camp.

Rove didn't necessarily think so. “Sometimes you leak something in this town, Washington, in order to sort of test the water,” he said.

"Karl, are you admitting you've ever leaked here?" Hannity asked.

Rove said, "No, no, no, no. I'm just, I'm describing what goes on in Washington."

"I'm teasing," Hannity said.

Their discussion went on a bit. Rove gave his opinion that Obama “is stuck now” with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State because if she declines, there will be “bad blood.”

Colmes began his turn by asking, “Karl, what have you leaked?”

Hannity jumped in to say, “He said 'nothing.'” Which is not true, of course.

“I have leaked that you're a good guy,” Rove answered jocularly.

Everyone laughed and the conversation moved on.