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We're Beginning To Sense A Pattern

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2008 -

Guest blogger Dan submitted the following post in which he noted how FOX News is pinning the bailout mess on the Democrats. Melanie has also posted about similar efforts by Neil Cavuto. And I've got a post coming about Sean Hannity and Dick Morris blaming the economic woes on Barack Obama.


The United States of Bailouts at Emac’s Stock Watch | Fox Business

Well, it didn't take long for Fox's bipartisanship to end. Crikey, President Obama doesn't take office for another two months and already Fox's Elizabeth MacDonald is writing about the Democrats' Bailout plan.

I had thought that Fox would at least wait for the guy to actually hold the office, before blaming all the problems of the world on him. Foolish me.

EMac's article is heavy on the sarcasm. And I'll grant her heavy dose of Scottish frugality comes through. But she is short on answers. She doesn't like the Bush Administration's rescue plan. Okay, I accept that. When did it become the Democrats' plan?

And what does she suggest instead? As best I can tell from this article, she suggests more personal saving. But that impacts the current credit crisis how? And how does someone who just lost his job save anything at all?

So for the next eight years are we really to be treated to the Fox, "All Complaint, All the Time" network?