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Neil Cavuto Thinks the Hullabaloo About the Economic Crisis is Just, Well, Silly

Reported by Melanie - November 18, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" guy, has a simple plan as to how to deal with the economic crisis. In a nutshell? Do nothing. He was against the "stimulus" checks that were mailed out earlier this year. He's against bailing out the banks, the brokerage houses and GM (and other car makers). He's against re-writing homeowners' mortgages so they can stay in their homes and he's against giving money to states and/or cities who are seeing their tax revenues plummet. He's a "free market" guy to the nth degree.

As a result, he isn't doing a very good job of explaining the intricacies of the situation we're in to his audience. Yes, he has guests on who are for, and against, bailout-this or bridge loan-that, but he talks over them — giving the same speech over and over — about how if we give to this entity then that entity will want some "free money" too. And if your next door neighbor gets "bailed out" how is that going to make "the guy who follows all the rules" feel? It's simple. You "screwed up?" You suffer. (I've got to hand it to him for being consistent. Simple minded, but consistent.)

So today (November 18, 2008), apropos of that meme, at the top of his show, Cavuto joked about the situation (what's the big deal, right?) while showing video of the movie, Night of the Living Dead:

"Alright, well, don't look now, but they are baaaack. Apparently because they never, ever die. I'm talking about the bailout zombies. Banks! Brokerage houses! And today, auto companies! Oh sure. These guys might look like Night of the Living Dead but this is Washington where rescues never die and it seems the cash to keep them alive, never ends.

"Alright, welcome everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto and this is your eerie world and this ain't a bad B movie my friends. It is right now a horror show. Top auto execs dash for cash today, turning into a deadly game of do it or we die, and maybe you do too."

Chyrons? "Automakers Beg to be Added to the 'Bailout Zombie' List." "Auto Execs Dash for Cash: Is it 'Do or Die'?"

Here's video:

Comment: So if you watch Your World w/Neil Cavuto, Fox's "premiere business news" show, hoping to learn more about what kind of trouble we're in; who will be affected, what the ramifications of doing this or that might be and what will happen in the end depending on what road we take, don't waste your time. You won't get any of that. Imho, Cavuto's the one who's reminiscent of The Night of the Living Dead.