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Morris To Colmes: Just Shut Up

Reported by Ellen - November 18, 2008 -

Perhaps the most memorable moments from Outfoxed were the scenes where Bill O'Reilly tells a variety of people to "Shut up." Now comes Dick Morris following in his footsteps. Morris, the crackpot pundit who said that Barack Obama couldn't possibly be elected, proved that he's rude as well as inept last night (11/17/08) on Hannity & Colmes. During a discussion with Alan Colmes, Morris, who was appearing via a temperamental satellite feed, said, “I can't tell when you can hear me or not cause you never shut up and listen to me or let me talk.” Colmes handled it gracefully. With video.

In the beginning of the segment, Morris and Sean Hannity recycled the bogus “Obama recession” claims. When Morris' feed was lost, Colmes jumped in to debate Hannity over it. Is it just me or did Hannity really look pathetic “defending” President Bush by talking about Reagan's policies? In my view, Colmes won the debate handily.

He also got the last laugh. At the end of the segment, after Morris had returned, Hannity rudely interrupted Colmes to say sarcastically, “That was nice of you to give (Morris) the last word.”

Colmes responded, “I learned from the best.” The crew laughed heartily in the background.