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Bill O’Reilly’s War On Gays – Real Journalism Or Mental Health Problem?

Reported by Priscilla - November 18, 2008 -

Last night’s (November 17th) “Talking Points” segment, on “The Factor,” was ostensibly about the possibility of Hillary Clinton being appointed to the position of Secretary of State. Fine. But after several comments about how she would be well suited for the job, O’Reilly, in a neck wrenching right turn, launched into his standard talking/vilification points about gay marriage and those who support it. I discussed O’Reilly’s paranoia in an earlier thread. Last night’s “Talking Points” demonstrated, in addition to the paranoia, narcissism, projection, and what appears to be an unhealthy obsessive attitude towards his fellow Americans who aren’t part of Bill’s “norm” (and I use the term loosely). In constantly invoking images of isolated out of control behavior, at the Proposition 8/pro marriage equality protests, “methinks he doth protesteth too much!”

The “culture war” has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton and the position of Secretary of State; but that didn’t stop Bill from, in under a minute, braying about how “nasty culture war battles have erupted” recently. Naturally, he referenced the grannie/styroform cross incident (which will go down as the Fort Sumnter of the “culture war.”). The paranoia and projection (Projection is defined as “taking your own unacceptable qualities and ascribing them to others) was evident in this statement: “Many Americans feared the far left would rampage if Obama were elected, and that seems to be happening with frightening speed.” I guess Bill, speaking as “many Americans,” doesn’t know that the vast number of pro marriage equality demonstrations all over the country, last Saturday, were peaceful. Course, he has a message for his peasants with pitchfork fans and that message is that they should be afraid, be very afraid of the rampaging gay agenda. O’Reilly then worked in another rightwing meme (see if you can spot it) in the next statement which was laugh out loud ludicrous: “The gay marriage movement and the amnesty movement have both kicked into high gear just days after the election. Again, stuff like that does not help President-elect Obama, as most Americans oppose gay marriage and blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.” (Comment: O’Reilly doesn’t approve of gay marriage and to rationalize this, he claims that the rest of America is in sync with him. It’s worth noting that rationalization is part of the anti social personality.) At this point, Bill was able to complete the circle and get back to Hillary Clinton in yet another bizarre comment that, once again, revealed his worldview of constant warfare of good vs. evil as well as possible projection: “So just 10 days after his big victory, Barack Obama is already in damage control. He must divert attention away from the intensifying culture war, and a high-profile cabinet member like Hillary Clinton provides some cover.” (In other words, Clinton can divert and distract from the important (to Bill O’Reilly) issues. Sounds like the kind of “journalism” that O’Reilly practices to divert and distract his audience from the reality that he is a lying, bloviating, smear merchant and hate monger)

Ever the narcissist, O’Reilly then showed the video of his recent appearance on The Daily Show (something his culture club doesn’t watch) and whined at the end that he likes Jon Stewart because “he’s not mean spirited like some of his cohorts.” (Comment: oh, boo hoo, media meanies are nasty to poor little Bill. Hey Bill, I thought only liberals played the victim card. Sounds like America's macho, heterosexual, "traditionalist," daddy is a little thin skinned.)

Comment: You could write a case study on Bill O’Reilly which could be used for any “abnormal psych” course. In non clinical terms, he’s (expletive deleted) crazy (yet he refers to so many others as “loons” – oh, the irony!). And that doesn’t speak well for Fox News and an audience that thinks he’s normal. Bill actually had a moment of self revelation when he described himself as a "sociopath." That he is “looking out for us” is truly frightening.