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Vote for change - at News Hounds

Reported by Chrish - November 16, 2008 -

Static Post - Updates below
Well, folks, we are tired. Burnt out. Crisped. We feel it's time for change around here too, but we're not sure what, and we'd like your input. All you lurkers, too.

For the immediate future, I'm going on vacation. I can and will check in and stay in touch with y'all, but I won't be posting for 12 days or so - wow and yippee. Melanie's taking a nice long weekend, and Ellen will still be around, but expect a significant slowdown as we all finish this exhale of pure relief, and then take a big breath and look to the future.

With Deb out of commission at least for the time being we are down to three plus our fabulous guest poster Priscilla and an occasional (and always welcome!) post from Alexis. That's not enough to keep doing what we've been doing the way we've been doing it, and frankly, we don't want to - all we see now is affirmation of what we already know and have diligently documented for over four years and 13,000 entries. While still keeping an eye on FOX, we'd like to break our constraints and write about news items, topics, and other media outlets as we wish. We have several broad ideas and welcome - nay, request - your opinions and input. We'd like to hear from some of the tens of thousands of you who read daily but don't comment, beyond our core group of devoted regulars. Trolls, not so much.

We're hoping for a complete redesign - with registration, finally! - by January, if that works for our fantastic blogfather Jim Gilliam.

Here are a couple of ideas we are mulling. If you want to email us privately (to volunteer to help out, say, or with a super-duper idea we've overlooked) please put Change for News Hounds in the subject, as we'll filter all the relevant emails.

One option would be for YOU to watch FOX so WE don't have to - at least some of the time. If you spot something, let us know. I record and keep most FOX programming so if we heard from you within, say, 24 hours, I could probably pull the clip. You send us your observation and bam, we've got posts. We get to keep lots of eyes on FOX but spread the work - how Obama-ish.

We're also tossing around the idea of being more KOS-like in our posting. What we mean by that is that we'd have a gaggle of regular contributors with their own pages to post to - on FOX, current events, news tidbits - and readers would vote you up to the "front page," where we founding mothers would be hangin'.

If anyone wanted to "audition" to watch and post about a particular FOX program, we'd be happy to try to accomodate you. FOX defenders need not apply.

We're proud of the work we've done so far and want to keep going, and continue to provide a destination for fellow FOX-phobes. Help us figure the best way to do it while freeing us from the bondage of watching these insufferables day after day.

One last thing - you may have noticed we dropped our weekly digest recently. Please add your name to our mailing list ("Newsletter," above) so if you wander off, we can let you know when we're back with the new and improved News Hounds. We promise not to share your email address or use it for anything else but occasional notices.