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Hate Mail - Fox Mail

Reported by Melanie - November 16, 2008 -

Here is the latest edition (as of October 12, 2008) of our hate mail and mail intended for Fox. (As I've said before, I have no idea how anyone could confuse our site with Fox's. I mean, come on! Compare the two.) The emails reproduced below are exact replicas of those that landed in our inbox - grammatical and punctuation errors included - sans the signatures. There's some profanity here so if you have a problem with that, look the other way.

October 19, 2008. Subject: (No subject).

Please, don't watch Fox News for me, I'll watch for myself because I certainly won't get the real news on the Presidential candidates on mainstream media.
I cannot believe that anyone who has heard about Obama's past and his political career can trust him to lead this country. He is a communist sympathizer, a liar, a smooth-tongued orator and man who hates his country as it is and wants it to be a dictatorship and he wants to be the dictator.

Thats all okay, God may allow him to be elected, and if He does it will mean that we are REALLY close to seeing the end of this perverted world we are living in and the return of Jesus Christ. I don't think Sen. Obama is the anti-christ, but I do think he could be his predecessor.

The crowd of 200,000 Obama drew in Germany reminds me of news reels I have seen of Adolph Hitler crowds, (Hitler was German and white) but maybe they have the same goals.

Now is the time for everyone that doesn't have a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ to ask His forgiveness, for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.
We need to be ready 'cause READY OR NOT, HE'S COMING.

You and I both need to spend time reading the bible instead of watching Fox News.

If you agree, good. If you are offended hope you will forgive me but I make no apology for my statements.

God bless

October 26, 2008. Subject: Just Letting you Know.

You can Retire now because I like Fox News, and I will watch it myself.

FOX MAIL - October 27, 2008. Subject: Obama's speech this a.m. in Ohio at approx 10:50am AZ time.

Can you verify the Senator's statements for me:

" I " will lower Insurance premiums.

No taxes for those making 50,000$ or less.

Can I call AARP to see how much my premiums are going down
with Sen. Obama, and, is Medicare premium for A & B going down?

Because you are an outstanding Business Reporter, Mr. Cavuto, can
you give your expertise re this?

Thanks from a loyal listener

October 30, 2008. Subject: news.

I believe in free speech but you guys are idiots!

FOX MAIL - November 6, 2008. Subject: Foxand friends.

reduce VOLUME on your more and more commercials...or this regular watches says bye bye

November 13, 2008. Subject: Newshounds.

Wouldn't your time be better spent doing medical research and finding a cure for cancer than monitoring a TV network and writing what they broadcast? What a fucked up waste of your lives.


Comment: Note the email intended for Neil Cavuto that we received on October 27. That one struck me like a shard of ice through the heart. The author - a "loyal listener" - is so helpless and so uninformed. He/she looks to Fox for guidance as if they're a friend? Sad. Sad. Sad