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Classic Case Of Projection? Hannity Still Attacking Obama Over “Radical Associations” Without Acknowledging His Own Associations With Neo-Nazi And Anti-Semite

Reported by Ellen - November 16, 2008 -

If Sean Hannity weren't such a hate-mongering, hypocritical liar, I'd feel sorry for him. Unable to get a purchase on how to smear and besmirch Barack Obama's pending presidency, Hannity has been recycling the campaign smears in the obvious hope that this time the “socialist, anti-American with the radical associations” meme will suddenly take hold. It's like Groundhog Day on Hannity & Colmes. Meanwhile, Hannity has yet to come clean about his own association with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist. He has also defended booking a guest with a history of bigoted and anti-Semitic statements as a credible expert to denounce Obama. Dr. Freud would have a field day! With video.

Although Fox News Senior Vice President Bill Shine has since expressed regret for booking Andy Martin, who referred to a judge as a "crooked, slimy Jew" and accused African-Americans of being "willing to corrupt and abuse their public offices," as a guest on Hannity's America, Hannity has failed to do so. He even went so far as to defend having done it. Furthermore, Hannity failed to note (much less denounce) Martin's history while he was being interviewed.

And Hannity has yet to explain his past association with a Neo-Nazi/white supremacist. As Max Blumenthal laid out in an article for The Nation, the relationship was prolonged and substantial, unlike Obama's very casual relationship with William Ayers.

While spending endless time speculating about Obama's ties to “unrepentant terrorist” Ayers, FOX has consistently overlooked Hannity's suspicious ties. Even worse, Hannity's record indicates a sympathy for bigotry while there is nothing in Obama's record to indicate he's either a radical or a terrorist.

But that hasn't stopped FOX from suggesting otherwise. Friday night's (11/14/08) top story on Hannity & Colmes was a double segment devoted to William Ayers' recent interview on Good Morning America. There was lots of other talk about the "unrepentant terrorist" throughout the show.

There was no anti-Semitic bigot on the show, as far as I know. Instead, viewers were treated to discredited Obama "expert" Stanley Kurtz. Just like the sanitized presentation of anti-Semitic Martin, the “We report. You decide” network's audience was never told that Kurtz' reporting on Obama was “filled with falsities, baseless claims and convenient omissions.” Instead, Hannity deceptively announced in a scripted introduction that Kurtz has “investigated the relationship between Bill Ayers and Barack Obama.”

“Rounding out” the panel with Kurtz were two other anti-Obama guests, a former FBI informant who infiltrated the Weather Underground during Ayers' heyday and the son of a judge whose home was bombed by the Weather Underground. There was no guest to advocate on behalf of either Obama or Ayers, who is an upstanding citizen today.

Just another “fair and balanced” panel, FOX News style.

But even with the deck stacked so lopsidedly in his favor, Hannity could not manage to tell the truth. In between bullyboy cries of “unrepentant terrorist,” Hannity overlooked the fact that Ayers turned himself in to the authorities (who declined to prosecute him). In fact, one of the former prosecutors on the case has publicly protested attempts to link Obama to Ayers' radical activities of 40 years ago. Funny how we never see HIM on FOX News. Nor does FOX News impart (unless Alan Colmes or a guest happens to mention it) that Ayers was named Citizen of the Year in 1997. It's not like they don't know. A guest told FOX News “liberal” Greta Van Susteren (who immediately pooh-poohed it).

Instead of a real discussion, Hannity melodramatically repeated the words “unrepentant terrorist” with a deliberate insinuation that Ayers should be sent to Guantanamo Bay. “There's no difference from sitting across the table from Tim McVeigh or an Al Qaeda member, is there?” Hannity said to one of his lackeys. Later, Hannity said, “This gutless terrorist is a liar.”

Hannity also falsely suggested that Ayers spoke out for more destruction on September 11, 2001. Hannity said, "Then on September 11, of all days, you know, that's the day he said, 'I don't regret setting bombs. I wish we did more.'” In fact, Ayers did not say such a thing on that day. An interview containing that statement was published that day, obviously undertaken and printed before anyone knew what was to happen.

Unrepentant bigot Hannity went on to suggest that both Obama and his wife are secret radical terrorists. Hannity said to the discredited Kurtz, “My question is, do we really know the real Barack Obama? You've done a lot of investigative work. You know, his rationale – 'I was 8 years old. I thought he'd been rehabilitated.' These are all comments that he's made over time. But he did sit on multiple boards. He did give speeches with, his wife worked with (Ayers' wife) and they did start his political career in the home of this unrepetant terrorist.”

Kurtz told Colmes that while Obama portrayed himself as a “moderate, pragmatic, common sense kind of person... that's not really the true story. His real sympathies are with the pretty far left end of the spectrum.” Kurtz added, “I think Barack Obama is not going to do all the most radical things in the world right away but I think he sees his election, based on his philosophy from the past, as an opportunity to begin to shape the culture in a far more leftward direction and I don't think the public knows that... (Ayers and Obama) is a serious political partnership.”

Colmes did a decent job of debunking Kurtz but the fact that Colmes never aired Kurtz' dubious record suggests that FOX News did not want that kind of balance on the show.

As if all those odds in his favor weren't enough, bullyboy Hannity could not refrain from attempting to interrupting Colmes' interview. Fortunately, Colmes rebuffed the efforts.

In Part 2, Hannity falsely suggested, along with his guests, that Obama would not be eligible for a security clearance.

Write Hannity and FOX News and let them know that if they are going to keep talking about “radical associations,” we are going to keep reminding the public about Hannity's radical associations and keep demanding an explanation.

You can reach Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com and FOX News at yourcomments@foxnews.com.