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Sexism On The Factor? Quelle Surprise!

Reported by Priscilla - November 14, 2008 -

Remember when criticism of Sarah Palin was deemed sexist? The gang at Fox&Friends was all in a twitter about it. Fred Barnes criticized Hillary Clinton for not defending Palin against criticism which Barnes (a great feminist) felt was sexist. So I do wonder, based on this past defense of Palin against “sexism;” what these same Fox folks are thinking about (what I consider to be) sexist commentary about Sarah Palin on Bill O’Reilly’s show Wednesday (November 12th) night. If bizarre sexual fantasy and misogyny are sexist, then Dennis Miller is guilty. It’s no wonder that Bill O’Reilly (whose sexual fantasies and misogyny are a matter of public record) thought it was all quite amusing!

Media Matters for America has the video and the transcript of washed up comedian, Dennis Miller, erotically speculating on why certain women hated Sarah Palin. According to Miller, who described Palin as a “great dame” (comment: that’s just so retro 40’s, Mickey Spillane…) “women on the left hate her, because to me, from outside in, it appears that she has a great sex life. All right? I think she has non-neurotic sex with that Todd Palin.” In a trademark “intellectual” reference (comment: wasted on the Fox audience) he claimed that “women on the Upper East Side, their husbands haven't been aroused since Mailer signed copy of The Executioner's Song at Rizzoli's back in the early '70s.” So what makes Miller an experton the sex lives of Sarah Palin and East Side women? Weird! But, it got really weird when he claimed that “I think that snowmobile looks like mechanized foreplay to me, and that's why people are fascinated by it.” (Comment: wonder if it has a name like O’Reilly’s infamous “accessory!”) The discussion then veered off into “schadenfreude” and Miller’s gratitude to George Bush for “keeping us safe.”

Comment: Words fail me – actually two words, directed to Miller come to mind. Miller’s commentary was as offensive as that of National Review's Kevin Burke who claimed that liberal women hated Palin because they felt guilty about their abortions and because Palin chose to give birth to a Down’s baby – views shared by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer. To those males, who claim to channel what liberal women think, I say STFU. As I noted on an earlier thread, liberal women do not begrudge Palin her choice – a choice which Palin would deny to other women. As I also noted, there are other issues, important to women, which Palin either ignored or was uninterested in. But what was really, really creepy (and offensive) was Miller’s fantasizing about Palin’s sex life. It sounds like Dennis Miller, rather than East Side liberal women, has some – ah – problems? And snowmobile as “foreplay” – whatever gets you through the night, Dennis! All I can say is that one of my best friends is a working mom with four children. I don’t know about her sex life (and don't want to know). What I do know is that she gets very tired. Obviously, I am not a Sarah Palin fan; but Miller's little screed was insulting to her because it revealed that Miller’s admiration is based on her “sexuality” (ability to please her man) and not on her ability to combine a political career with raising a family which includes a child with special needs. And that is very sexist!