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Megyn Kelly Plays The Fear Of Gays Card

Reported by Priscilla - November 12, 2008 -

Used to be that fear of “Islamofascists” was all the rage in Foxworld. Fear of illegal aliens (actually fear of Hispanics) was also a popular item in the Fox tool box of verbal hammers with which to bash those not meeting rightwing world’s approval. The most recent Fox Fear Factor was fear of Obama – which incorporated other popular fear cards such as fear of blacks, Marxist/Socialists (yeah, they pose an ever present threat) and academia (rational thought processes not a “family value.”) But this morning, on Fox’s morning show, with Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly’s long legs, the fear of gays card was pulled from the deck of Fox jokers.

Kelly began the segment by describing the upcoming video, of a Palm Springs anti-Proposition 8 rally as “unbelievable.” The chyron read “grandmother pushed around by Proposition 8 protestors at California rally.” Kelly described the video as showing a demonstration getting “very ugly” with protestors “ganging up” on a grandmother. The video showed a group of protestors pulling counter demonstrating granny’s Styrofoam cross down and stomping on it. But Kelly had a propaganda point to be made and in order to do so she asked her guest what should be done and “who is at fault.” (Comment: I think I know what the answer will be!)

Now, if you were expecting a fair and balanced discussion with two attorneys (frequent Kelly format), you would be disappointed; as the person chosen, to reinforce the meme, was none other than Maggie Gallagher. In case you forgot, Maggie was in the spotlight some years back when she defended, on TV appearances and columns, President Bush’s $300 million “marriage initiative.” And to encourage her to do so, she was awarded $41,500 of your tax dollars – money which she didn’t initially disclose because it “didn’t occur to” her. Maggie is now head of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a group which feels that gay marriage weakens marriage as a social institution. (Comment: Wake up Maggie, marriage has already been weakened by heterosexuals who tend to leave it in droves – and that includes Republicans like John McCain!)

Not surprisingly Gallagher recounted how this incident was “not isolated” and that her group was getting “hundreds of reports” of protestors “screaming and spitting on children.” She alleged that it was “very serious” and “was not being covered.” When asked by Kelly if these “brutes” were “only a few bad apples,” Gallagher responded that it was “up and down” California and it was accompanied by vandalism. She said that “the brunt was being borne by the LDS Church.” (Comment: the Mormons spent beaucoup bucks promoting Proposition 8) She claimed that there was racial harassment and that the California Governor is asking the court to overthrow the measure. She alleged that the pro gay marriage forces were “treating us like we were terrorists.”

Comment: Despite Gallagher’s claim that this stuff isn’t being covered, I found a report from California KSPL Local Channel 2 regarding the incident. While this particular incident was described as an “angry scuffle,” it was also noted that "Out of hundreds at the rally, only dozens were a part of the chaos. "The majority of the crowd didn't (get involved)," said Stan Janas, a gay rights supporter. "We stayed with our own agenda." A few tried to calm down the crowd. Peter East, a gay rights supporter, described the incident as hate. "(It was a) complete misunderstanding of what this is all about," East said.” Obviously, violent protesting should not be condoned. But in reporting on a protest rally, “real” journalism dictates that the entire story should be told. If Kelly wanted to actually engage in the mythic “fair and balanced,” she could have interviewed, as a counterpoint to Maggie Gallagher, a representative from a gay group. But as Fox is only interested in furthering the divisive “culture war,” propaganda supersedes “real journalism, fair and balanced.”