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Bill O’Reilly Offers “War On Christmas” Bumper Sticker – But Only If You Buy His Book!

Reported by Priscilla - November 10, 2008 -

Yes, Virginia, there is a “war on Christmas” that is being waged by the nefarious forces of the secular/gay/Islamo-terrorist/ACLU agenda that is seeking to destroy America as we know it and replace it with ungodly tolerance and diversity!!!! And to those who buy Bill O’Reilly’s book “Bold, Fresh Piece of Excrement” whoops “Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity,” he is giving you, as a reward for your stupidity, a bumper sticker (see Huffpo for an amusing article and a photo of said sticker) that says “We say Merry Christmas.” What better way to celebrate Christmas – and show your cultural sensitivity – than to drive around a Jewish or Muslim neighborhood sporting this fine accessory on your bumper sticker! My question is, why the fleur de lis? Is this an homage to those brie eating, “surrender monkeys?” And as such, shouldn’t the phrase be “Nous disons Joyeux Noel?”

P.S. Does Bill know that his parent company has cancelled its HOLIDAY party per Fox's David Asman who used that evil, secular- progressive phrase???????