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Sen. Evan Bayh Falls For Hannity's Shenanigans

Reported by Ellen - November 7, 2008 -

Senator Evan Bayh proved himself another likeable, personable and well-spoken Democrat nonetheless unwilling to confront right wing aggression against Democrats. Bayh appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night (11/6/08) to discuss the possibility that Joe Lieberman might lose his committee chairmanship.

Bayh did correct the record as Sean Hannity tried to falsely claim that Lieberman was being punished for “supporting” John McCain. But Bayh did not spend much time exploring or defending those Democrats who feel aggrieved by Lieberman's anti-Obama statements and his keynote speaking slot at the Republican Convention. Props to Alan Colmes for airing those points because Bayh was obviously ready to glide right over them and admonish those who want “retribution.”

Bayh also offered no objection to Hannity's drive-by smear when he said, in relation to Obama's choice of Rahm Emanuel for Chief of Staff, “Why should I have any confidence that the radical Barack Obama isn't emerging very quickly?” Instead, Bayh answered the “When did you stop beating your wife” question by saying that Emanuel backed property tax cuts.

Even worse, Bayh fell for Hannity's “You wouldn't do that, would you?” ploy designed to push Bayh into disparaging Emanuel.

“You're right, I wouldn't use language like that,” Bayh said.

I'm glad he's not our vice president.