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Sean Hannity, Karl Rove Still Calling Obama A Radical Socialist

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2008 -

For a moment, I thought Sean Hannity was going to take the high road over Barack Obama's victory on last night's (11/5/08) Hannity & Colmes. And he did, briefly, by calling the election “a tremendous step forward” and “a great thing for the country” to have elected an African American. But no sooner was that said than Hannity started “worrying” that the country may not know the “real” Barack Obama. Guest Karl Rove asserted that Obama ran a “center-right” campaign but that “if you dug in,” you'd find a radical socialist. With video.

Rove made a number of suspect claims during his appearance. He said that Obama's win was not a referendum on George W. Bush's presidency because Obama only got 1.5% more than Bush did, rather than a blowout. Rove called it “a mild improvement” over Bush's tally. But Rove neglected to mention that Obama got at least 63 more electoral votes (with Missouri and North Carolina still to be decided) than Bush got. Rove also “forgot” that in 2004, he considered Bush's win a mandate.

Rove told Alan Colmes that Obama's effort “actually came up a little short” with the youth vote (you can read more about the youth vote numbers here). But later, Rove acknowledged, “The big problem for Republicans is how well Obama did among the young voters.”

Rove also said that Obama ran “a center-right campaign.”

Colmes was astounded. “Center right? Center right? He was accused of being a radical socialist!”

“Well, if you dug in,” Rove said.

Hannity began his portion of the interview with magnanimity. “I think Barack Obama ran a phenomenal campaign... Those of us that care about race relations in this country, this is a tremendous step forward in terms of, you know, having the first African American president. This is a great thing for the country, I agree... I want Barack Obama to succeed.”

And just when I started planning a nice post about Hannity putting aside his partisan agenda just once for the sake of the country, he said, “I don't believe America knows the real Barack Obama. And here's my other fear. I stand by my entire arguments during the campaign. I do not believe, I think we saw a candidate that followed a script and I think the real Barack Obama, I fear, is the guy that had these radical associations of 20 years.”

Even Rove didn't want to go there. “Look, we've now litigated those,” he said.

Hannity backed off. “I don't want an Obama derangement syndrome,” Hannity said.

Riiight. Mr. "I want Obama to succeed" also has a poll up at his website "just asking" whether Obama is our rightful president or whether he won by fraud.

Just now, I checked the results and it's 50/50.