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“Joe the Plumber,” FOX News “Business Expert,” Again Questions Obama's Patriotism

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2008 -

FOX News, the “We like America” network couldn't wait 24 hours after the election of the country's newest president to start smearing him. Last night's (11/5/08) Hannity & Colmes made a pretense of probing what Barack Obama's policies will mean to small business owners. But their choice of guests, “Joe the Plumber,” proved that the network was more interested in denigrating Obama than in answering the question. “Joe” (his real name is Samuel) is neither a licensed plumber nor a small business owner. In his last Hannity & Colmes appearance, “Joe” proved he knows as much about public policy as Sarah Palin knows about the Bush Doctrine. But he did question Obama's loyalty to the United States on another FOX News business show so what's not to like if you're a FOX News booker? With video.

Even though Hannity had just pledged to "want Barack Obama to succeed," he wasted no time attacking him for being "hard left."

During the second portion of the discussion, Alan Colmes confronted “Joe” on his recent attacks on Barack Obama's patriotism. “Do you really doubt Barack Obama's loyalty to the United States?” Colmes asked.

"Joe," replied, "To a democracy, yes... Right back to the socialist issues, spreading the wealth... That is right out of Karl Marx."

Colmes also asked, "Is that the kind of dialogue we want to have in this country right now?"

Joe, obviously at a loss, fumbled a bit before saying, “Is it patriotic (sort of quoting Joe Biden) to take my money and give it to other people?”

Actually, Joe is hardly in a position to be asking a question like that, as the State of Ohio has a lien against him for back taxes owed.

Colmes noted that Joe has also been on welfare and asked if that wasn't money from other people.

Joe, the tax evader, said, “I paid into welfare. It's something to be used, not abused.”

And how does “business expert” Joe determine what's use and not abuse? He didn't say.

But when Colmes pointed out as he had during Joe's previous appearance that he would pay less taxes under Obama than he does now, Joe again insisted he didn't want someone else's money.

Think he'll give back that “un-American” tax cut he'll be getting?