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FOX throws Sarah Palin so far under the bus, she shoots out other side and goes under next bus - back to Alaska

Reported by Chrish - November 6, 2008 -

Carl Cameron revealed information from the McCain campaign that was unflattering, to say the least, to Governor Sarah Palin, this evening on the O'Reilly Factor 11/5/08. That the McCain campaign knew the extremities of Palin's ignorance and arrogance and still presented her as a viable, qualified candidate just goes to show how dishonest they were willing to be to win. Country first, my arse.
With video.

O'Reilly asked a few questions and then sat silently as Cameron unloaded the dirty details from campaign aides - Palin was a shopaholic, she had temper tantrums, she was completely unprofessional (appearing before campaign staffers wearing only a robe), and oh, yeah - she would have flunked 4th grade Geography.

On an earlier program with Shepard Smith, below, Cameron said he wished he could have told us sooner, but this information was off the record until after the campaign. This is so galling - FOX's mantra for how many months has been "we don't really know Obama" yet they simultaneously kept damning, pertinent information about the Republican candidate from the public. Thank heavens the majority of Americans figured it out anyway.

What a conundrum. Reporters have to keep OTR info to themselves, even though ostensibly their job is to dig the truth and inform us, in order to maintain "access." But what good is access if you're not allowed to release useful, pertinent information? Cameron insunuates that there's lots more where that came from, and it will all leak out over the coming days. She'll probably keep that 25%er support because she shares their radically right-wing beliefs, but the close call we've had with their "governance" the past eight years won't be forgotten any time soon.